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  1. Kenna

    Howson signs 1 year extension

    Well deserved, been top class this season
  2. Kenna

    RIP Lt. Cedric Daniels

    The Wire is one of my all time fav series. He was such a great actor. May he rest in peace
  3. Kenna

    Can’t win ‘em all

    I take it as a good point against a side in good form, especially as we were so poor with our passing. Think the crowd need to calm a bit too as it gets to the players
  4. Kenna

    Virgin Media

    Canceled mine. Not having that me like
  5. Kenna

    Team for Tuesday

    Maybe Fry back in but I'd leave the rest
  6. Kenna


    It's all I need to see. No **** commentators either . Bonus
  7. Kenna

    Wilder’s Watford lose

    Probably still thinks they will make the top two ;)
  8. Kenna

    Sheff utd

    The pressure is getting to them, it's great, Going to be an exciting end to the season for sure
  9. Kenna

    Come on Stoke!

    So far so good. Just need to do our part tomorrow , can't wait
  10. Kenna

    Hi Ren

    I posted it on the Rap thread. Think I have watched every reaction video of HI REN on you tube and all his songs. Hope he gets the help he needs as his music is top notch. I think Sony dropped him because of his mental health issues
  11. Kenna

    * MFC Official: Chuba and Bernie Talking Goals [V-26:17] *

    Wouldn't it just. I enjoyed that interview. Chuba is so down to earth, really like the lad .
  12. Kenna

    * The unofficial - Reading v Sheffield Utd. Match-Day Thread *

    If only we had Carrick sooner. Exciting end to the season though
  13. Kenna

    * The unofficial - Reading v Sheffield Utd. Match-Day Thread *

    Plenty of twists and turns yet. Didn't expect Reading to get anything from this game. Sheff U are nothing special though after watching their last two games
  14. Kenna

    * The unofficial - Reading v Sheffield Utd. Match-Day Thread *

    Not holding much hope but come on Reading 🙏
  15. Kenna

    Carragher or Neville?

    Love owt like this me . Ha Ha
  16. Kenna

    Hull go 1 up. Get in

    West Brom wont make the playoff if their away form doesn't improve.
  17. Kenna

    Stewart Downing Talks to the Northern Echo

    Good little chat to Stewy about the Boro and himself on their new youtube channel , You are my Boro
  18. Kenna

    Jake Paul v Tommy Fury

    I've unfollowed Talksport everywhere because the constantly post about him. I'm sure he is paying them. He's a goon
  19. Kenna

    Tonight’s Fixtures

    2-0 Rotherham