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  1. supermfc

    Would we fancy Billy Gilmour (should we go up) ?

    Would rather have Happy Gilmour!
  2. supermfc

    Over 13,000 Season Cards

    Just renewed mine in the last few minutes!
  3. supermfc

    playoff semi-final dates

    Oh dear... I had hotels booked thinking it was 29th, luckily free cancellation. Also, prices have gone up and less availability :mad:
  4. supermfc

    Waco - new on Neflix

    This was out in 2018 - watched it a few years ago, really enjoyed it!
  5. supermfc

    Mfc website using deposit

    are you a season card holder or was it a standard ticket you purchased?
  6. supermfc

    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v West Brom. Match-Day Thread *

    Of course we have had so much possession, they were 2 up after 10 mins so they have just sat back and let us come at them an try to counter us!
  7. supermfc

    Just seen in Sunderland…

    I can now, not initially!
  8. supermfc

    Just seen in Sunderland…

    Seen what??
  9. supermfc

    No more Lilt

    Lilt is being rebranded as Fanta pineapple and grapefruit...
  10. supermfc

    Chinese Restaurants in the Boro

    Peking Garden in Stockton is really nice!
  11. supermfc

    Hoppe joins Hibs

  12. supermfc

    Supporters Forum Meeting Next Monday

    It's also allowed at boxing events too!
  13. supermfc

    At the final whistle on Saturday

    I'm guilty of this to be honest, but if i don't go a few minutes early I get stuck at the top of the stairs for at least 20 minutes (south stand).
  14. supermfc


    It was Natalies's 40th at Bloom, i was there, great night!
  15. supermfc

    Kieran Scott...

    Cant tell if this is a joke or a genuine mistake!!
  16. supermfc

    Kieran Scott...

    He was spotted at the Wigan v Luton game today. Any ideas who he might be watching?
  17. supermfc

    "Mighty, mighty Middlesbrough!"

    Yeah Andy Haliday with the winner!
  18. supermfc

    Just seen on twitter...

    might be of interest to some on here!!
  19. supermfc

    Championship Player of the Month - Chuba Akpom

    Didn't Woodgate and Spence get manager and young player of the month for December too?
  20. supermfc

    Gangs of London

    Thought season 1 was terrible so didnt bother with S2