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  1. JJHJHonthewing

    'Away The Lads'

    used to? I still do and I hear it regular in pubs around Boro
  2. JJHJHonthewing

    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    small bone is a player like. keeper should have done better there no doubt about it. Expect a better performance 2nd half against a good team in Stoke.
  3. JJHJHonthewing

    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    Great thread Over to the boys in Red UTB
  4. JJHJHonthewing

    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    1:30 Tahmuras 2:10 El Fabiola 2:50 Monbeg genius 3:30 Constitution Hill 4:10 Maries Rock 4:50 Sir Allen 5:30 TenZing Good luck on the 1st day
  5. JJHJHonthewing

    Stoke Are No Slouches

    We are a fine footballing team, that's become very obvious possibly the best I've seen since 91 apart from Robson's first 4 years(97/98 was my favourite league promotion the attacking power we had was immense). What players could we bring in to win ugly as people say, crooks, jones(time...
  6. JJHJHonthewing

    Home broadband Timer?

    Thats a good video thanks for sharing. will give it a trial tonight I never noticed that section when have a gander earlier. Its purely to make sure the kids don't get back online after bed time during school nights haha
  7. JJHJHonthewing

    Home broadband Timer?

    yeah to restrict access mate. I have checked on the ip address admin and couldn't see a timer section with virgin. noticed whilst looking that BT/sky do have an option for this tho but not VM. cheers
  8. JJHJHonthewing

    Home broadband Timer?

    yeah I've been looking at apps etc etc but this is as good as any. Thanks will give it go.
  9. JJHJHonthewing

    Home broadband Timer?

    Morning, is it possible to have you broadband router on a timer? e.g. from midnight til 7am where it's off. Im with virgin media can't seem to find any way of doing it? cheers
  10. JJHJHonthewing

    League cup final sunday

    Yeah i pulled my mate about the "mickey mouse" cup when they were in the Semi final and the flags were waving with opera music blasting........
  11. JJHJHonthewing

    League cup final sunday

    Whos everyone wanting to win this? Not a big game for me personally as our game is massive and its Rangers Sunday hopefully they can lift a cup. Work with a few Geordies though and lots of Man Utd fans(none from Manchester, unfortunately a few a from boro which does my head in). The Geordies...
  12. JJHJHonthewing

    Happy 50th Birthday Juninho

    Many happy returns Osvaldo, best player ive seen in the red shirt. 1995 - 1997 was stupendous. League cup winner, legend
  13. JJHJHonthewing

    See Ashley Fletchers done well since he left Boro

    Thanks God them days are behind us. Great time to be from boro
  14. JJHJHonthewing

    Annies song on today :)

    Get it right up you sheff utd, chris wilder and heckinbotham
  15. JJHJHonthewing

    The difference tonight…

    Best footballing team we've had since when? Mclarens team or robbo? We been served up some tripe in the last 15 years! Love it cmon boro
  16. JJHJHonthewing

    £374 Teesside to Aberdeen

    Flights are between £110 - 150 if you book at least 3 weeks in advance. I can leave my house at 4pm and be in Aberdeen at 615pm. Hopefully they don't pull out of Teesside IA. Train home can be as little as £20 quid if you book in advance however a taxi from Monte Darlo is 27 quid to Nunthorpe.
  17. JJHJHonthewing

    The "Zak Steffen" watch

    I think that's Carrick saying the right things , I don't believe him though. 100% agree. He could really improve and iron out these mistakes easily.
  18. JJHJHonthewing

    Howson to score today

    Got to fancy us to win easier said than done mind. Be great for the traveling fans it's a long journey and a bit. Cmon Boro
  19. JJHJHonthewing

    Nicola Bulley still missing

    It's mind blowing this situation. Often it's easy to lose reality and predict the outcome like a Netflix police officer, but the poor kids and family must be suffering absolutely awful. In a brutal way you'd possibly rather find a body in the river than never know?
  20. JJHJHonthewing

    fao Erimus [Friday 10th February] "good morning young man"

    Yeah absolutely this haha brain fart there