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  1. clublandrefugee

    Humza Yousaf new SNP leader

    Judging by the comments from the mess room up Aberdeen he will be losing a few votes from the old racists
  2. clublandrefugee

    Errea Yellow Middlesbrough Brazil Juninho #10 Shirt

    Did you manage to find one? looking for a medium. Got the blue Rav italy one
  3. clublandrefugee

    1 night stay (with one year old)

    Quiet camp hobbithole at glenridding ullswater
  4. clublandrefugee

    Akpom Goal machine

  5. clublandrefugee

    Akpom Goal machine

    Top scorer is only one part of the argument, that minutes per goal ratio is insane
  6. clublandrefugee

    Teesside bars to watch the UFC on Saturday?

    EDIT; I believe it is on BT Sport Box Office, which i guess lowers the amount of places
  7. clublandrefugee

    Teesside bars to watch the UFC on Saturday?

    Any recommendations? Looking for a sportsbar type of place, without music so can actually watch the ufc prefereably Was thinking possibly Room 21 in stockton,am going to contact and see if they will have it on. Any other suggestions Hopefully another Edwards headkick. Pound for pound...
  8. clublandrefugee

    So who if anyone will do MOTD now

    Youve been made to look like a right idiot there, havnt ya
  9. clublandrefugee

    Couriers rant

    DPD Local fcuked me Sent a camera I sold on ebay Dropped at parcel shop, tracking sat there for 10 days didn't move Dpd said it was lost, parcel shop had no idea. Ebay refunded the buyer then the parcel started moving and got delivered to his address with no photograph, buyer stopped...
  10. clublandrefugee

    Ex Boro players you forgot, where they are now.

    Seen him in sainsburys yarm today. Good lad is franksy Works for Map group doing fibreoptics now also I think
  11. clublandrefugee

    The Globe Stockton - Failed vanity project?

    33k a month on the globe... versus 1.2million a month on the airport Police underfunding and understaffing issues are a national gov issue, not local
  12. clublandrefugee

    The Globe Stockton - Failed vanity project?

    Yes, culture and the arts should be assisted and encouraged all the way
  13. clublandrefugee

    The goat debate is settled

    To be fair he went missing for the first 80 minutes and was given 2 penalties
  14. clublandrefugee

    RE: Coffee Connoisseurs

    Go to rountons and ask I use a v60 or aeropress.
  15. clublandrefugee

    England Vs France Match Thread

    I dont think we've played badly? The better chances. Bad decisions.
  16. clublandrefugee

    Gareth Southgate

    Nobody is questioning who won the penalties But expand on your statement of Mancini outwitting him...
  17. clublandrefugee

    Gareth Southgate

    Outwitted to a draw.. against a 30-odd game unbeaten Italy team
  18. clublandrefugee

    Labour to ditch House of Lords

    Finally an actual Keir policy I like the sound of
  19. clublandrefugee

    Travelodge-long term deals

    May worth checking rent a room
  20. clublandrefugee

    Energy price cap forecast for April 2023 = £6,000 a year

    I envy the French. When are we going to see riots