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  1. Corco65

    19 Leicester Councilors Stood Down.

    I voted for him in the leadership election, although I wouldn't necessarily have called myself a supporter, thought he was the best candidate at the time, I have recently cancelled my membership.
  2. Corco65

    Racism in youth football

    What a situation to be faced with, this one of the reasons why, its important that the knee booers aren't allowed to thrive.
  3. Corco65

    What changes would you make to this country if you were Prime Minister to make it a better place?

    For starters, Implement Labour's 2017 manifesto, scrap Brexit, ensure we follow international law and honour our human rights obligations.
  4. Corco65

    How many Boro fans missed the 4th goal?

    It's not for anyone else to get, it's a choice people make for their own reasons. Similar to why some people choose to take their seat just before kick off or why people go early for refreshments and miss some of the game or will queue and miss some of the game. Similar as to why some people...
  5. Corco65

    Racist Incident

    Sorry to hear about your partners experience WV. Unfortunately institional, direct and indirect racial discrimination is still rife in the UK. Some people will not acknowledge it or minimise it by saying it was worse before and have little desire to show any understanding or support to others...
  6. Corco65

    A tragic case or a deserved sentence?

    A very unsavoury incident in which an innocent person has lost their life, I don't believe it was the intention of the aggressor to cause loss of life or signifant harm. This additional information below was in the Telegraph report of the incident, it would seem the aggressor has some form of...
  7. Corco65

    Blackpool fan killed Saturday

    Disgraceful behaviour from all concerned, lifetime bans will hopefully be given to all involved.
  8. Corco65

    Nobby's Notebook - Reading ✍️📖

    Maybe you could help out ND, get a spray like the referee and go down before half time and put some lines down. 😀
  9. Corco65

    Is 1 assist from your number 10 good enough?

    AP was dispatched abroad by NW, he came back, obviously CW wasn't sure about him, like everyone on here, but it was CW who gave him another chance this season. If he had of played a young player like he could have done, CA would probably have left. Here is what the article actually says. Then...
  10. Corco65

    Good news about your lottery ticket

    At least it was only dream NC, imagine if you had been one of these.
  11. Corco65

    That viral video of the food cooked in the alley

    I heard there was another man further down the alley, who was doing chicken in a basket.
  12. Corco65

    Akpom - Outcast to Goal Machine The Times

    Well done CW, he made the call to put CA back in the team.
  13. Corco65

    A tragic case or a deserved sentence?

    Do you think a prison sentence was justified after what happened to this cyclist?
  14. Corco65

    Early Bird Season Tickets on sale

    Happy 65th Bif. Hope you have had a good day.
  15. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    The conclusion is the club is poorly operated as even with higher prices we don't cover the cost. So the club either reduce operating costs and risks that come with that or increase the price to a level that will pay for it's self and the risk that comes with that. Which one should we do and how...
  16. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    So who should pay? it seems the fans of all clubs think it should be someone else but them.
  17. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    Actually What I'm saying is that our finances clearly show, the club doesn't pay for its self, this being the case who should pay or what should be sacrificed? This unfortunately is the current football model across the game.It is fundamentally wrong and we're just a part of it, and while we...
  18. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    It doesnt matter if he have the highest prices and the 4th highest attendances, My question is, who do people think should be paying for it as it doesn't pay for itself?
  19. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    Yes i understand and agree perhaps that belongs in the Jeremy Corybyn thread, for the many not the few, but look how people reacted to the offer of a more fairer and equal society and look what we ended up with.
  20. Corco65

    Red Faction - Ticket Price Statement

    We are Were not talking about life's necessities or essentials here, I've not heard anyone say these should not be provided for. We are talking about an optional extra like many other optional extras in life, some we can afford and some we can't, I agree it would be great if everyone could...