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  1. Paintolerance

    Killy Dog Box

    Next up in our series of shows in Boro...A Mon Night in Middlesbrough (although this one is a Sunday) :: Zurkas Tepla...Paranoid electro from Moscow (now safely based in Liverpool) Sunday 16 April, Auxiliary Project Space As part of the supporting bil, veteran Boro experimentalists Killy Dog...
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    Waco - new on Neflix

    1985...the police carried out an air strike on a house containing Black Liberation activists. Truly shocking.
  3. Paintolerance

    Waco - new on Neflix

    Osage Avenue is just as bad, if not worse. The US govt feeds a gun narrative by conducting atrocities on its own citizens it seems to be
  4. Paintolerance

    Tories turn on Boris - 'He's gone full Trump'

    Sunak has the opportunity to rid the Tories and UK politics of the stain that is Johnson for good. It won't win him the next election, but would be enough to avoid complete annihilation of the Tories...and begin something of a rehabilitation. I doubt he has the balls though.
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    2nd Test NZ v England

    Should be rammed! Will be a great days cricket
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    2nd Test NZ v England

    England will go for it whatever. Various England supporters on other platforms having a pop at the follow on decision. England could have batted and put this out of sight. On this pitch, the last day and a half would have been turgid stuff and NZ would have batted out a draw. Baz and...
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v West Brom. Match-Day Thread *

    If 4 of the 4th to 8th teams get more points than us between now and the end of the season I will be truly astonished
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    Who are the 3 biggest clubs in the football league

    Arguments for and against a good few. But far more importantly, Burnley are the best and, beyond them, for any potential signing I would suggest we would be the most attractive.
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    We are just great to watch. It annoys the hell out of me when Stokes gets himself out for 30 etc...but I think we have to accept, the advantages of going at 6 an over regularly far outweigh the negatives ☺
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    Agreed. I defintely don't think we are a shoo in, but if we bowl well under the lights, we really should have enough.
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    Thing is, if NZ bat 'normally', to get 350 you are looking at 100 overs, which is a long time to hang around in a 4th innings!
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    An inept performance cost the bloke his job. A mistake so poor it evidenced an inability to perform at that level.
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    Fry or McNair?

    Fry. Best defender. Let the others tear into them
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    Corbyn won't be a Labour candidate at General Election

    I believe our country, and our politics, needs fundamental change. Christ, look at the state we are in. Centrist policies will not deliver that change. However, if what it takes to remove this corrupt, dangerous government is Keir Starmer, then that opportunity must be taken. I personally...
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    England in a very strong position. Bat all day over. Bat for 2 sessions (which they should be more than capable of) then it's at least a 300 lead, and bowling under the lights. NZ have to bowl very very well tomorrow 1st session (or we capitulate...possible, given our approach) to...
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    Corbyn won't be a Labour candidate at General Election

    Utterly ridiculous. A 5yr+ smear campain, which finally seeped in. Yep, all his fault.
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    Corbyn won't be a Labour candidate at General Election

    I am a huge Corbyn fan, but wholeheartedly agree it was time to move on. However, his vilification by his own party is a disgrace. I left the party upon his suspension as I could not reconcile with them bowing to the media depiction of him as an anti Semite. Unfortunately, I believe my...
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    If your not excited by this team now

    The fact that we can open up, almost at will, every team in this division is quite remarkable. And beautiful. I've watched us for just under 50 years and don't think I've ever seen us score so many wonderfully crafted goals.
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    Lee Anderson

    Oh absolutely