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  1. Ebor

    England - Central Defenders

    Bit of a lack of depth here for us. Stones & Maguire are Southgate's go to's but who else have we got coming up? Gomez? Dunk has missed his opportunity, no spring chicken & Ben White is now a right back. I can't think of many decent, upcoming central defenders
  2. Ebor

    Harry Kane - England's all time record goalscorer

    A 20 yard pearler, or sht header, would have been more fitting, rather than really dodgy penna Was Rooney's a penna too?
  3. Ebor

    Virgin Media again.

    Thanks. I'll definitely try this. It's that or I'll get rid of Virgin before the 17th April cool off (you'd have thought they could have told me this, after three separate calls and literally fk all help). 'Try a hard reboot' FFS. Or pay £8 quid a month for a 'booster'! If I had a decent other...
  4. Ebor

    Virgin Media again.

    I have the same problem (in York). Virgin Wifi and connection drops off intermittently. So if I bought a better router and replaced the Virgin one that might make things better?
  5. Ebor

    Boris Johnson, the big Blancmange

    will get out of this by his silly billy bluster: 'ooh he's just a naughty, thick boy' As the Tories cut the Labour points because Braverman ships out the dangerous element to Rwanda Pffff.......
  6. Ebor

    Beautiful songs that deserved to be bigger

    Well anything by The Sundays But this is a beautiful pop song GMM
  7. Ebor

    Our corners are officially rubbish

    Watch the Akpom goal last Saturday. A beautiful passing movement. Dozens of controlled passes. And no throw ins. No corners. No set pieces Like all our goals. Just saying
  8. Ebor

    Didier Digard

    Not by many. But yes
  9. Ebor

    Beautiful songs that deserved to be bigger

    Possibly my favourite song Sirens Call. Cats on Trees
  10. Ebor

    Channel 5 News - special on deprivation in Middlesbrough

    'Thank humanity' 'Humanity' has got us where we are today Thank F we have decent people in the world to help those less fortunate than ourselves. But there's very much an easier answer to the current ills, it comes from the top of society, people who could 'trickle down' properly if they chose...
  11. Ebor

    MMA fans - some advice

    Yep against Dillon. I googled MMA fights Jan and got that, so my bad. He likes boxing but is a massive MMA fan Appreciated B, glad I asked the question! My fall back is a drone 🤷‍♂️
  12. Ebor

    Poland v Argentina

    That was a great night. In the balance til the last minute. Gotta feel for Mexico (and the Saudi's to some extent) but it was head scratching til the end. Poland won't go any further, very one dimensional. Mexico would've been more interesting but Poland did their job
  13. Ebor

    MMA fans - some advice

    I'm looking to get an xmas present for my son who is a massive MMA fan. I know nothing about MMA. Some questions: Is the KSI fight in Jan a big one that he would think was cool? How likely am I to get tix when they go sale on Friday (are they like Glasto tix, sold out in 2 mins, or can I just...
  14. Ebor

    Nothing for England to fear - so far

    For me, France do look good, but there's very little to fear from any other team I don't' think there's a stand out team yet apart from them
  15. Ebor

    David Cameron

    Seems to be a non-entity these days, free from blame. He's rarely discussed but it was his lead & Govt that introduced the major austerity principals, that killed spending in the lower/middle class and put the UK on the back foot. His govt that ruinously brought an EU referendum (just to save...
  16. Ebor

    Farewell Sebastian Vettel

    Seb was fortunate to have a car that no-one could touch, and was better than his team mates. He was pretty clinical, but it was a boring time for F1 Others may say the same about the Hamilton years with Merc. But in the last few years Sebastian Vettel has come across as a very cool guy and has...
  17. Ebor

    Revisiting albums from your youth

    I often listen to RWA by the Sundays and sounds as fresh today as it did back then. An album for all ages I occasionally dip in to some of my favourite albums from the 80s and 90s but there's none I listen to as often as RWA
  18. Ebor

    Ivan Toney

    Might explain how Callum Wilson got on the plane
  19. Ebor

    Tav's first PL goal!

    He' s doing well for Bournemouth. Fair play to him But we so miss his energy. A massive loss to Boro and we've totally spunked the money. Should've kept him if we could