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    Frustrating results when you look back

    Wasn't that 5th Rd or is my memory going?
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    Private Eye delivers the beginner's guide to Houchens Teesworks:

    The unbalanced economy surely seems from the fact that London is just so much bigger than any other city and so just keeps sacking in talent and resources. Other countries tend to have large population centres distributed so more than 1 that is close to 7x bigger than anywhere else. I have no...
  3. J

    Frustrating results when you look back

    QPR was an important game due to being 3-0 down and then getting Akpom released
  4. J

    Players with expiring contracts as of summer 2024

    We have a few younger keepers coming through Zac Hemming, Brad James and Sol Brynn. Dont forget Lumley is still officially a Boro keeper too :ROFLMAO:
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    Was there ever a better header of the ball in a Boro shirt than this man?

    Carlisle edit Just checked and it was Preston. He did end up back at Carlisle eventually though:oops:
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    Tonight’s movie - Bullet Train

    I thought it was ok It tried to be a bit like Pulp Fiction I thought - but nowhere near as good. It is however an enjoyable couple of hours
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    National Non League Day

    If anybody is interested in watching non league football in future, the Northern league website is very good for fixture info and is kept upto date very well Just use Matches drop down menu for fixtures, league tables etc If you want Marske, Stockton...
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    National Non League Day

    Are Billinghan Town still in with as chance of promotion Corcaigh? Hopefully not at Thornaby's expense having had a vital win last night with a good performance at Northallerton
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    National Non League Day

    Don't forget Billingham Synthonia at home today (well in Stokesley) v Bolden colliery 3pm ko
  10. J

    Dijksteel on loan to Wrexham

    We released him last season, so if he is on loan its not from Boro
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    Have to be honest, didn't quite get the overall message it was trying to get across. Nothing wrong with the acting though.
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    Can We Campaign For People To Register For Postal Vote

    Between 60 - 65 possibly but after that most will have a bus pass which is accepted for older people but similar ones for college or university not accepted for younger people. Even dafter in London with the disparities between oyster cards based on age.
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    Still remember the hoops I jumped through to get a ticket at Luton in Robbos first season and joining Luton's membership scheme. After that result I was never daft enough to do it again. It did come in useful for the Ayresome game though. I lived in Stoke at the time, went to most games but...
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    Promotion denied to embargoed teams?

    Bit ironic seeing how much QPR gambled before their last promotion and how they had a fair play penalty awaiting their inevitable relegation. I know this was a previous administration but still glass houses etc
  15. J

    Head Teacher refuses Ofsted inspection

    If inspections are vital to improve how things are done, then who inspects the ofsted inspectors and who will inspect the the inspectors of ofsted inspectors and so on. Or are ofsted allowed to have internal monitoring that is accepted unlike schools?
  16. J

    Rav on his move to Boro

    I remember 'now you're going to believe us we're going to win the league' being sung a lot here. It was also the first time I remember the ole Juninho song being widespread. As opposed to the just juninho, juninho being repeated.
  17. J

    Fallon Sherrock 1st woman to hit a 9 dart finish in a PDC tournament

    You can get 155 though as there have been breaks over 147 actually achieved
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    Fallon Sherrock 1st woman to hit a 9 dart finish in a PDC tournament

    Bit like John Spencers 147 in snooker that was not televised due to camera crew being on lunch break in 1979
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    Last Boro player to top the division

    Surely we can claim Currie though:ROFLMAO: Also Slaven scored 15 top flight goals in 88-89 which is some record, with only Ravenelli with his 16 beating that in recent years - also in a relegated team:(