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  1. riversideparmo

    Over 1000 New Season Card holders signed up

    Reckon alot waiting till pay day either the 25th or 30th before renewing - sorted my family's 4 today : -)
  2. riversideparmo

    Ellie Goulding - Eurovision

    not bad but the Chorus is weak
  3. riversideparmo

    Matt Crooks

    Sorry if it’s already been discussed but where was tree today ? Not on the bench ..
  4. riversideparmo

    Supporters Forum Meeting - Agenda Items Request

    yes ive reported it but nothing was done , to many doing it i guess . It not difficult to spot
  5. riversideparmo

    Supporters Forum Meeting - Agenda Items Request

    how does the club plan to stop people vaping in the stands - its like standing next to a steam train during the match : -(
  6. riversideparmo

    Virgin media price increase

    Sorry if this have been asked before but im 3 months into a 18 month contract with this lot , they are upping the monthly bill by £21.50 are they allowed to do this ? will be ringing them but thought i'd check before i hang on 3 hours to speak to someone : -)
  7. riversideparmo

    Does anyone on here want the Geordies to win today?

    Thing is if the Geordies win we'll never hear the last of it ! 'Look Tyne ' will love it .. Remember when we won it , we got alot of comments from them up the road ' its only a mickey mouse cup ' :rolleyes:
  8. riversideparmo

    Red faction Twitter post

    Dont see the problem - if they want to sing its up to them, what they sing is up to them - ground is so much better with the RF !
  9. riversideparmo

    Todays ref…

    'Should have booked Lenihan for a shirt pull when they broke from our corner.' think he got away with it because the defender was pulling his shirt first but that the ref was v poor , too whistle happy / inconsistent and didnt help with the flow of the game .. not often you hear that after...
  10. riversideparmo

    What goes through your mind....

    Under Carrick im not over worried - this team scores plenty of goals :)
  11. riversideparmo


    Thought Paddy played well today
  12. riversideparmo

    One negative from today though

    the grass was too green :)
  13. riversideparmo

    Boro v Brighton programme

    Was it the normal cost ie £3 ?
  14. riversideparmo

    Jones getting pelters on the radio after the game

    its only his second full season give him a break
  15. riversideparmo

    Are you or were you in a Union?

    was but ditched it in 1990 when i got next to zero support on a safety issue - save £17 a month
  16. riversideparmo

    Boro Training Pics

    good to see Watmore back : -)
  17. riversideparmo

    England Squad Announced

    E Dier oh dear : -(
  18. riversideparmo

    3rd Goal

    not sure why its been given as an own goal ? looked on target to me got a small deflection ..
  19. riversideparmo

    Best route to Preston

    m62 was a car park when i went to Wigan the other night - i'll be going A66 - M6