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  1. Uhtred

    The Worst Band in the World

    Then Blur, a close second.
  2. Uhtred

    The Worst Band in the World

    The smiths, total shyte
  3. Uhtred

    How good was Wilf Mannion?

  4. Uhtred

    Man Utd vs Fulham

    2-1 down now
  5. Uhtred

    Unfathomable evil exist in this world...

    Use your hands, like the Italians do.
  6. Uhtred

    Unfathomable evil exist in this world...

    Or eating a pizza with a knife and fork
  7. Uhtred


    I'd rather chew my leg off
  8. Uhtred

    Dog walkers sitters.

    Cheers Norman, I might have it sorted, thanks for the offer if anything changes I'll let you know.
  9. Uhtred

    Dog walkers sitters.

  10. Uhtred

    Dog walkers sitters.

    It's just for a couple of days while I'm away on holiday, my son will have her at his house but will be at work for two days, so an hours walk is needed on a Monday and Tuesday.
  11. Uhtred

    Dog walkers sitters.

    You can take her out for me if you like.
  12. Uhtred

    Dog walkers sitters.

    Are there any dog walkers or minders amongst our brethren, or recommendations, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Uhtred

    Gary Rossington RIP

  14. Uhtred

    Does anyone on here want the Geordies to win today?

    It would be a nice birthday present for me if Man Utd win today.
  15. Uhtred

    Apologies in Advance: G'day from Melbourne

    Welcome to the mad house Is the Melbourne Boro supporters club still active, my youngest son helped to set it up 5 or 6 years ago
  16. Uhtred

    Best things you can buy for £1

    Half of john smiths magnet in the club
  17. Uhtred

    Unpopular opinions

    Golf American football Influencers Reality TV And Golf
  18. Uhtred

    The Last Kingdom

    You're correct, iit's not over yet. Not by a long way.