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  1. uncle_rico

    Howson signs 1 year extension

    As per MFC teaser tweet
  2. uncle_rico


    Muniz features heavily in the latest training pics. Will be interesting to see if he is on the bench this weekend, as we've been a bit light on the bench in terms of strikers lately.
  3. uncle_rico

    Bet you don’t boast about the bets you lose.

    This is just mental. Who has this sort of money to stake, let alone lose?? The reason the license wasn't suspended was because WH have recently been taken over by 888, or some guff. There are loads of betting companies, some sponsoring top level...
  4. uncle_rico

    Fish pie with beans

    Can't stand green beans, not the taste, but they are squeaky when you eat them.
  5. uncle_rico

    Bet you don’t boast about the bets you lose.

    I'm pretty sure people do win on them, but they will put a lot more in than they get out once in a blue moon. Its what keeps them coming back. I've never played them personally, and never will, but can understand how people get addicted. I 'm sure I remember they capped the amount you can put in...
  6. uncle_rico

    Over 13,000 Season Cards

    I'll be doing mine and my lads on Friday. Become a bit of a superstition that I always do it on the last day for some reason
  7. uncle_rico

    Neil Warnock on Sam Morsy

    I met Morsy at a golf day and he gave me one of his shirts. He was a really nice lad and seemed to have his head screwed on. Tbf to him, we didn't really see him as it was when the stadiums were closed to fans, but I also agree that we didn't miss him when he went. And he is captain and seems to...
  8. uncle_rico

    Luton game moved

    To the Monday night as will be on sky. Home game against Hull also on sky, with an 8pm kick off now.
  9. uncle_rico

    Vaping in the stadium

    I’m amazed at the amount of lads who need a shïte at the game. Every time I’ve been for a pee lately the queues for the cubicles, even in the GRFZ, is staggering. Maybe the club could install more cubicles? Poor lads.
  10. uncle_rico

    Oh no surely not… the championship and elsewhere !

    The other problem is that not many English players go and play abroad. The likes of Spain, France, Germany and Italy all have a lot more players playing in top leagues elsewhere. Apart from Jude Bellingham we don't really have anyone else, unless you include Tammy Abraham, although even he isn't...
  11. uncle_rico

    Blades in strife?

    Gibson will already be plotting a legal challenge.
  12. uncle_rico

    NASA kit launch

    The cost of these is astronomical, pardon the pun.
  13. uncle_rico

    Unconscious Woman on Dockside Road

    It was ridiculous on Dockside Road last night. Icy conditions and people driving about like it was a rally. Glad the lady is OK, but the amount of cars picking people up close to the stadium is becoming more and more of a problem. It's about time the council and club do something about parking...
  14. uncle_rico

    Piece in last night's matchday programme brought back a special memory

    Wonder if Fernando is the one who was at Man City? Don’t really recognise any of the other Brazilians.
  15. uncle_rico


    I agree, bit of an off night for Hackney. I was surprised he stayed on and Howson went off as I was expecting him to get pulled. But I agree, Lenihan was MOTM.
  16. uncle_rico

    Carrick's "Managing your emotions" comment

    I noticed Carrick telling them to calm down a few times and maybe the frustrations from the stands was transmitting to the players and we got a bit lost. As you say, we, and more importantly Carrick, will have learned a lot tonight.
  17. uncle_rico

    Carrick's "Managing your emotions" comment

    I actually think Mowatt for Hackney would have been the better sub. Hindsight is wonderful and all that, but we just couldn’t seem to get the ball on the deck in the second half and we didn’t know what to do. Bit of a lack of a plan B maybe, but we can’t be too disappointed.
  18. uncle_rico

    Carrick's "Managing your emotions" comment

    Lenihan said something along the same lines in his post match interview on BBC Tees. It was a frustrating game, and affair play to Stoke they got their tactics right tonight. At least we didn’t get beat, and there’s still a lot to play for. I didn‘t think our subs were quite right tonight. I’d...
  19. uncle_rico

    Whens the last time we scored a header from a corner?

    Next time will be Lenihan tonight
  20. uncle_rico

    The Last of Us TV Show

    Just watched the final episode and thought it was excellent. I enjoyed it. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this thread I’ve been playing the game over the last couple of months, but I’m a bit behind now (I’ve just killed the deer), but looking forward to see how this episode plays out in the game.