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    *The one and only Unofficial "official" Boro v Preston Match-Day Thread*

    This is a lot better than it was the last time we played Preston.
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    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    When all said and done. I enjoyed that. Stoke were the better team tonight. But we werent outplayed by any means. We had the chances to have won that. But so did they. Point gained for me.
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    *The Unofficial "official - "The Chase is on" - Boro v Stoke. Match-Day Thread*

    This is the championship. We all should know what that means. It's a long long season and sometimes you have to grind out results. All credit to Stoke so far. We are still in this. Come on Boro
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Swansea Match-of-the-Day Thread *

    Very happy Boro are winning again. Its all the more sweeter because I thought Swansea were 2-0 up a moment ago. The beer I am enjoying is great. And this Is my 1000th post on fmttm. Today is a good day.
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    Wilder eyeing second spot

    He will get promotion there. He has a team full of players who were in the worlds best league not too long ago. And this is not the world's best league. In fact he would be a totally useless manager if he didnt get promoted with that squad. Like Garry Monk, Tony Pulis, or Chris Wi...
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    Ellie Goulding - Eurovision

    It's almost like we don't want to win it and have to host it again next year.
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    * The unofficial - Reading v Sheffield Utd. Match-Day Thread *

    If they can grind out 1-0 wins to the end d of the season then all credit to them. They will deserve to go up. We are a joy to watch now but we werent at the start of the season. Sheffield United have been consistent all season. But we are playing beautiful football now. I'm just grateful for that.
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    Great player for us and I wish him well. But the only way his team can prove him right is by winning the next game. i hope they do. I hope Reading win 6-0 against whoever it is they are playing.
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    Man utd's worst ever defeat

    Wow How bad must newcastle have played in that Cup final. :unsure:
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    The Saudi banner yesterday....

    Perhaps a super league isn't such a bad idea. I was very much against it before but let's face it. These clubs have already left the country in terms of ownership. Manchester City are owned by Abu Dhabi. Qatar is taking an interest in Manchester United if press reports are right. Arsenal...
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Reading Match-Day Thread *

    Five - Nil Cinq - zero Cinco - Nulo Funf - Null Pump - dim Cuig - nialas Fem - nul Wu - ling Whatever language I type it in it looks and sounds fantastic.
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    Andy Carroll

    He was a superb player. Well past his best now but capable of dealing with most defenders at our level. Saying that I would still rather have Chuba, Archer, or Forss in our team than him. But I hope he has an off day because he can still do it.
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    Sheff United - FA Cup tonight

    Congratulations Sheffield United I really enjoy the FA cup because of results like this. I don't believe this will distract them from the league. If anything it will restore some belief. I still think we have a team that could catch them. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
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    The arrested couple

    So sorry to hear such sad news. Reminded me how precious life is. I will show my respect by remembering to treasure every moment with those I love.
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    Worst Ever Boro 11 - We have our team!

    Garry Monk
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    Ruby Wedding celebration

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Grumpyoldgit