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  1. BillyGoat95

    Stockton Calling - who are your 'must see' acts?

    Ten Eighty Trees and Zela were class last year in Sticky's - can see Zela making it pretty big in future.
  2. BillyGoat95

    Chuba - England Call Up?

    He's not finished, he's only 28!
  3. BillyGoat95

    The Walk of a Life Time - New Zealand?

    Just want to say how much I've loved this thread! Always had an affinity for NZ, would love to visit one day. Keep up with the pics and posts (y)
  4. BillyGoat95

    McGree hasn’t just replaced Tav…

    Both are different players but superb at what they both do (y)
  5. BillyGoat95

    Which club do you love/like/follow other than the boro?

    Although Boro are always my first and true love, I have quite a few teams I follow for all sorts of reasons - living in places, family/friends, various trips and so on. Hibs 1.FC Koln IK Start Central Coast Mariners Marseille Ituano
  6. BillyGoat95

    Do you feel the Riverside is looking a little tired these days?

    If it wasn't for the fact some of my life's best memories had taken place at the Riverside, I would think it's a bit of a dump tbh. Has a few nice unique touches like the Ayresome Park gates, statues etc but the actual stadium itself isn't the best.
  7. BillyGoat95

    Middlesbrough links to this World Cup..

    Yep, Boateng is assistant manager I believe.
  8. BillyGoat95

    WIlko RIP

    Saw him a couple of years ago in Yarm, Wilko and his band were amazing. RIP
  9. BillyGoat95

    Best national anthems

    France is definitely my favourite. Ours is and always will be dreadful.
  10. BillyGoat95

    Riley McGree Socceroos Q&A

    Will've been Sunday down under. Damn Aussies and their time machines.
  11. BillyGoat95

    Tonga v cook islands at riverside

    Had tickets for a couple of years and really looking forward to it, the Tonga game yesterday v PNG was great. Highly doubt it being more than half full but the atmosphere should be good anyway! As someone previously mentioned, Newcastle was full of Yorkshire folk Saturday so hopefully we have...
  12. BillyGoat95

    Cook Islands v Tonga RLWorld Cup

    Enjoyed RL since visiting family in Aus a few years ago and been to see York City Knights a few times since. Got my tickets pre-covid when they were £25 which I thought was fair, sad to see current prices putting people off.
  13. BillyGoat95

    Leos comments

    McNair is good when the game is in front of him, which makes him a good ball playing CB - but you can see he doesn't relish the nitty gritty of defending either. IMO he's not great in midfield when he has to play on the half turn more and possess a half decent turning circle. Overall I do...
  14. BillyGoat95

    Newcastle Arabia

    I wouldn't call it cheating per se, it's just a sad indictment of the state of the game in this country now. The geordies who fawn over the new ownership knock me sick tbh - and in my experience it seems to be most of them.
  15. BillyGoat95

    Matt Crooks

    Probably my favourite player last season and seems a top bloke, but he's had a shocking start to this season. Not fair if he's playing with an injury!
  16. BillyGoat95

    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Hanoi is the best city I've ever visited, great post to read. What do you do for work, if you don't mind me asking?
  17. BillyGoat95

    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Long dreamt of it, especially when I'd go to visit family in Norway and Germany - but now I'm married and have a young child being close to family is especially important to my wife so can't see it tbh. Unless work ever presented the opportunity. There's a lot of great things about living in...
  18. BillyGoat95

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Newcastle will of course always be their main rivals but there is enough of a mix in workplaces round here to know they absolutely hate us. They only play it down because we generally beat them.
  19. BillyGoat95

    Feelings for tonight?

    This is exactly what I've been saying at work all day when asked 😅 Definitely going to be goals!
  20. BillyGoat95

    PSV v Rangers.

    Yes thanks, but as a Hibee everything is absolutely not okay :confused::ROFLMAO: