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  1. Philly-Red

    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    The blame lies with the player. The referee doesn’t need to tell the players beforehand that assaulting him will be deemed unacceptable.
  2. Philly-Red

    Chinless wilder

    No but I’ve heard A LOT about it
  3. Philly-Red

    Mfc website using deposit

    For the SC credit from the covid season you had to call or pop in. Could be the same here?
  4. Philly-Red

    Sheff United v Blackburn

    Excellent. Extra game & distraction.
  5. Philly-Red

    Blades in strife?

  6. Philly-Red

    Palace sack Viera

    He’ll be kicking himself - all he had to do was hold out another week and he could’ve had A PL gig.
  7. Philly-Red

    Palace sack Viera

    I note carrick hasn’t ruled himself out of the running.. his silence is deafening.
  8. Philly-Red

    South stand atmosphere

    Yep. Songs have always been interchangeable. Bryan Robson’s red & white army was also Steve Mclaren’s. I’d be well up for a version of carrick said.
  9. Philly-Red

    South stand atmosphere

    I think it’s the worst & most unoriginal chant… I’d hate for us to use it. Let the tinpot unoriginal clubs like Burnley have it.
  10. Philly-Red

    Looking at the race for 2nd place objectively

    Thanks for that. Just what I wanted to hear.
  11. Philly-Red

    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    Three points yes but the performance wasn’t suggestive that they’ve received such a boost from our draw that they’re firing on all cylinders again. They were poor. Sunderland deserved to win. Whatever the result last night they’re still a poor side with a poor manager and won’t get those...
  12. Philly-Red

    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    Such a boost that they could only scrape past Sunderland with the benefit of a horrific offside decision. They’re not a good team, he’s a very poor manager. I’m as confident as I’ve ever been that we’ll beat them to second spot. UTB.
  13. Philly-Red

    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    Offside. Cheating b******s
  14. Philly-Red

    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    GET IN
  15. Philly-Red

    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    Tough watch this 🙈
  16. Philly-Red

    Alex Neil: Play-Off Final Manager

    He was only 33? Jesus. Tough paper round.
  17. Philly-Red

    Wilder’s Watford lose

    I just wish he’d learn to tie a tie properly. It isn’t difficult.
  18. Philly-Red

    Billy Sharp

    Their heads have totally gone. We’re going up.
  19. Philly-Red

    Billy Sharp

    Hopefully. Not holding my breath mind!
  20. Philly-Red

    Sheff utd

    Haha. Amazing.