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    EFL Debate - Sheff Utd or Boro

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    your experiences of autism?

    Yeah, we know that - but he's 10 year old and I've never really had a proper conversation with him .. it HAS to be about Fortnite or the YouTube channel he watches .. anything else quickly jumps topic within a couple of sentences to the latest thing he has to tell us about Fortnite or Harry...
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    The end?

    The guy who does the tapped phone translations on YouTube has put one up about the Mobiks being moved about ..
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    I fully understand what we're doing and why we do it and I'm generally fine with it .. but I will admit my backside does drop now and then when we do it and it's real tight ..
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    The robots are here.

    It is going to happen eventually all over .. this and similar when they work everything out .. what I don't understand though with these little 6 wheeler things is how do they think they are just going to set them on their way and not have little scroats boot them over, smash them up and force...
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    The end?

    I noticed on the videos released yesterday of Putin in Crimea / Mariupol that he wasn't walking around with his usual stiff right arm that much .. Putins stiff arm walking .. "Putin" Yesterday (most notable at about 50 second mark) .. can see people in the comments have noticed it too ...
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    The end?

    Just bring your own gun .. clothing .. boots .. a tank, preferably, if you have one ..
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    Scotland announce Euro Qualifiers Squad

    Think he got called into the U21s
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    Bilic sacked. Wilder to take over

    Are they players who have abilitah or atattude? Also, can they play on the left side of a back three?
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    Its not a derby.

    They do spend a lot of time and effort telling everybody that we're irrelevant to them .. they'll make twitter posts about how irrelevant we are, write 2000 word articles explaining just how and why we're irrelevant to them and they'll make countless posts on their forums telling each other that...
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    Premier league relegation

    Want Everton to go .. and want them to struggle in the Championship for the next 5 years at least. I don't know why, there's no real reason for it, but I just have a dislike of them,
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    Are you in this photo?

    I was just below it - if one of them had fell it would have been on my head ..
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    The last of us

    I've been bored most of the way through it. I only played a bit of the game so it's not that I know the story .. I just find each episode incredibly slow. I've not watched 7 yet (and not itching for it either) but ep. 6 took me about 5 hours to watch as I could only watch 5 to 10 minutes at a...
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    Does anyone on here want the Geordies to win today?

    Not a chance - but, you have to look at the positives .. if they do manage it, the North East will push for a local Bank Holiday weekend next week so that all football fans in the region can celebrate their victory with street parties and blanket coverage on local TV showing goals going back to...
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    Dike - the biggest footballer I’ve ever seen

    Adebayo Akinfenwa
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v West Brom. Match-Day Thread *

    I think we need a Plan B .. nothing against the way we play .. but when it's not working - and it's been obvious since mid-first half - you need to do something different.
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    if Man Utd win - will he be the only "Newcastle" player in the last 70 years to win something?
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    Boro form

    He could have easily hit 100+ moans as he spent 10 minutes or so second half, when we were 2-0 up, casually talking to his mate about where he'd gone on the previous Saturdays night out and wasn't taking too much notice of the game ..
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    Boro form

    I have a guy sitting near me .. he's absolutely unreal .. every game, finding something to moan about .. Given our form, given we've gone from 21st to 3rd and threatening 2nd since Carrick came in .. as pointed out - the best run of form for nigh on 100 years if the OPs analysis is correct .. 2...