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  1. Osboro

    Is Birmingham an interesting place to visit?

    Just to add to my sleazy comment. Other than walking through soho I'v never been propositioned, appart from Brum. Several times on Broad St. Again a few times in Pubs just off Broad St and twice outside ( going into) the national conference center ( me in a DJ Too!) The night capped off at...
  2. Osboro

    Is Birmingham an interesting place to visit?

    Least favorite city. Sleazy . Dull. Typical of Britain's stereotypical city centres.
  3. Osboro

    Last Nights QT question.

    A reassuring result BBC News - Question Time audience asked: Was Boris Johnson telling truth?
  4. Osboro

    The robots are here.

    As OP. I'm not against progress but I can't help feeling this is another step away from human Daily interaction. At least you can say hello to the tesco delivery man. Edited due to fat fingers.
  5. Osboro

    Can you imagine if we went up automatically on the last day?

    I wish these optimists would do one and get their own site.
  6. Osboro

    'Best Fans in The Championship'

    That's a nice assessment from two proper fans.
  7. Osboro

    The robots are here.

    They are testing them in the leafy suburb of Sale. Where it rains a lot. Can't wait to see them negotiate the blocked drains and huge puddles they have.
  8. Osboro

    The robots are here.

    Visiting my daughter in Manchester. Little 6 wheeler cooler boxes with antenna waiting at the junction "meals on 6 Wheels" . If this works then we TRULEY ARE F*****.
  9. Osboro

    Private Eye and Teesside freeport

    Is there a movement to get a investigation into the whole Teessworks scam? Is there a fighting fund I could contribute to ? Or is this another scandal that won't become public until every guilty individual is dead and avery stolen pound has been laundered.
  10. Osboro


    So. I left school at 16 on a Friday. Started working on the Monday Worked on a boat. With the tides. An average 60 hours week. Got a mortgage Studied and got a job in finance at 29. Had a family Did well got promoted, quite senior. Didn’t overspend , saved. Paid kids through Uni, 1 x...
  11. Osboro

    The Club on Park Road Sth.?

    Ha. Got it . The Civil Defense Club!
  12. Osboro

    The Club on Park Road Sth.?

    No, not the Acklam steelies. The one toward Marton Rd. Between Clairville and St Joe's Church. What was it called?
  13. Osboro

    Its NOT the BBC

    Some people talking about not paying the licence. Don't fall into the trap. It's the current board ? Infested by tories. It's win win for these venal ba*****s, move focus away from the ridiculous proposals on the boats AND have people agitate against the BBC as an entity. Sell it off. Job done...
  14. Osboro

    Gary Lineker being reined in

    Ian Wright says he won't step in. Come on the rest. Sorry missed post above.
  15. Osboro

    Sir Bernard Ingham dead

    At 90, death isnt sad.Its part of life. A lot of pretty blunt comments , most of which match the bluntness that this individual prized so much.
  16. Osboro

    My people are cold, hungry and desperate

    Leave it.
  17. Osboro

    * The Original - Unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield United. Match-Day Thread *

    Got them on the ropes. We looked loose at the beginning esp at the back and moving forward from defense. Clicked now. Some lovely football with Archer and Akpom looking unstoppable. C' mon!!!!!!!
  18. Osboro

    Nicola Sturgeon has jacked

  19. Osboro

    Nicola Sturgeon has jacked