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  1. Alan_Breck

    Where The Crawdads Sing

    I read "Where The Crawdad's Sing", almost in one go, and have watched the film since, but it doesn't live up to expectation in my opinion. I find that many books don't live up to the film hype for example. "Of Mice and Men", "Stand By Me", and "East Of Eden" to name a few. EDIT: The film does...
  2. Alan_Breck

    Anybody Take Statins to Lower Cholesterol?

    I need to take Astorvastin, a cholesterol medication, and my reading is 2.2 so I suppose it works for me. However my sister in law is a retired GP and would never prescribe to patients when in practise as she reckoned that the studies that were done were inadequate and not proven. I suppose you...
  3. Alan_Breck

    Racist Incident

    I remember my previous generation was much more racist, but put it down to poor education and lack of opportunities in the past. This would be the time of the Windrush generation, who were not universally welcomed with open arms by many in the community, but my word did those Caribbean men...
  4. Alan_Breck

    Racist Incident

    That's sad, and hope your partner isn't too traumatised by the event. Some will never leave their racist dinosaur past behind, thankfully many have, and more will do so in the future. #UTB
  5. Alan_Breck

    Match of the Day only 20 minutes long?

    MotD went back a few decades to the days of Kenny Wolstenholme and David Coleman. Show highlights of the game, a few comments regarding league position etc, then next game. That's how it was, no autopsy, snail trails, lines drawn connecting the back four, no circles drawn around certain...
  6. Alan_Breck

    Boris, he's a bit of a lad isn't he?

    J Jonny, I thought it had been blocked by Sunak and others, but perhaps not. Let's watch this space. I mean Stanley is such a worthy citizen to receive a knighthood, after all he's famous for appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox, surely that alone warrants a top accolade. On a serious note, what...
  7. Alan_Breck

    Boris, he's a bit of a lad isn't he?

    Good old Boris never fails to draw attention to himself. He tried to get his father, Stanley, a knighthood when he was PM but thankfully it was blocked. He can grab the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. #UTB
  8. Alan_Breck

    Sheff Utd fans big day

    Wasn't Carroll given a masterclass in elbow management, on the field of play, by Shearer? I remember when an opponents head was the villain when it collided with Shearer's boot:D #UTB
  9. Alan_Breck

    Sheff Utd fans big day

    We can't influence the game tonight, unfortunately. We just need to keep our heads down, train hard, and keep doing what we have been doing, even with a couple of hiccups on the way. I'm fairly confident we'll overtake Sheff U in the run in but it will be a close thing, maybe down to the final...
  10. Alan_Breck

    Carrick long term future

    Carrick will eventually join that illustrious band of managers, who have managed Boro prior to managing the national team. #UTB
  11. Alan_Breck

    Lou Macari helping the homeless

    Fair play to him, using money from his illustrious footballing career to help those less fortunate and in dire need. Then there is the other side of professional footballers, such as Harry Kane wearing a £600k watch on his wrist bought with money which could, and should, be put to greater use. #UTB
  12. Alan_Breck

    Look North and Tyne Tees Tonight

    BBC Look Tyne has always catered for the Skunk population, there used to be a regular spot where Mike Neville and George House, both Skunks, would talk to each other in dialect Geordie, (Larn yersel Geordie). Oh! how we laughed ........NOT. It was so embarrassing, the North East began and...
  13. Alan_Breck

    Look North and Tyne Tees Tonight

    Why would losing bother the Skunks today, after all it's a tin pot trophy not worth having according to them when we won it in 2004? #UTB
  14. Alan_Breck

    Which player comes to mind first when you see this shirt?

    First thought was Higgy, then all the greats came flooding back, Jimmy, Vids, Ugo, Sir Gareth. #UTB
  15. Alan_Breck

    Pope sent off

    What was Shearer's take on the incident on MotD last night? I don't watch it when he's a panellist, can't stand him. #UTB
  16. Alan_Breck

    Boro accused of cheating today

    "shithousery", love it. A term I shall store and use at the earliest opportunity.:) #UTB
  17. Alan_Breck

    Fry or McNair?

    Just been debating that very same question, and a difficult one to answer. Paddy great again today, didn't put a foot wrong, but there again Fry rarely disappoints. I think I'll leave that decision to Sir Michael as you couldn't squeeze a Rizla paper between the two, it's so tight. #UTB
  18. Alan_Breck

    Chuba - England Call Up?

    Chuba getting an England call up? He could get a No.10, or even a Buckingham Palace, call up from me at the moment.:cool::love: #UTB
  19. Alan_Breck

    Just had a read of the blades forum

    Perhaps, in their manager's pre-match media assessment of Boro, filled his team with too great a confidence that simply wasn't visible on the pitch. Let's not take anything away from Boro, that win last night was tremendous against a top two side who played to the best of their ability and were...
  20. Alan_Breck

    Sky coverage

    BBC Look Tyne will comment on Sunderland being only 6 points behind Boro and they're coming after us. We'll get minimal coverage tomorrow and the Skunks preparations for Wembey will take top billing. I won't be watching. #UTB