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  1. Mendieta14


    As soon as he started playing well he got dropped. CW was the problem.
  2. Mendieta14

    Not having Jones on the bench.

    he'd obviously done something stupid to get himself completely excluded
  3. Mendieta14

    How do we counter a high press

    thought we looked tired and out of ideas..barlaser is trying too hard.. and we havent really had an issue with passing through the press before so i wouldnt panic.
  4. Mendieta14

    Bilic sacked. Wilder to take over

    For a while Wilder was brilliant. He can get Watford going in the short term.
  5. Mendieta14


    you can see from how cleanly hackney strikes the ball he should be scoring goals.. give it time
  6. Mendieta14

    KSI v Jake Paul “Fills any stadium in the world”

    Yeah and it'll probably be in Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi
  7. Mendieta14

    Worst Ever Boro 11 - We have our team!

    Alan Wright (i think that was his name) I remember him being about 4ft tall and the ball being launched over his head repeatedly every game
  8. Mendieta14

    Attendance tomorrow

    great too see the North East leading the way.
  9. Mendieta14

    What’s happened to Payero

    I'd love see Carrick work with him.. there was a player in there.. reminds me a bit of Carlos Marinelli.
  10. Mendieta14

    The "Zak Steffen" watch

    I like Steffen and I especially like how calm he is on the ball.
  11. Mendieta14

    Nathan Jones

    his postmatch interview he said going down to 10 men benefitted them looks completely lost
  12. Mendieta14


    young lad with a boat load of potential - get off his back or we'll end up with someone else profiting from boro's hardwork finding him
  13. Mendieta14

    Crooks: what is his position?

    i heard hes used as a striker in training and thats all hes practising
  14. Mendieta14

    Hayden Hackney

    makes you think about the lads that never got the chance like connor malley
  15. Mendieta14


    He looks after the lads out on loan. Maddo on bbc does something similar.
  16. Mendieta14

    Steven Walker

    Hope he’s saving his money
  17. Mendieta14


    That Man Utd game we played 532 for the first and only time. Not sure why we didn’t stick with it.
  18. Mendieta14

    Why wasn’t Watmore offered a new contract

    I like him but we don’t need to be managing his injuries
  19. Mendieta14

    Britt Assombalonga

    to be fair look at who his managers were.. woodgate and pulis.. then compare it to akpom who looked poor with warnock as his manager.. now look at him
  20. Mendieta14

    Paddy McNair

    He is far better on the right of the CB's. Looks good on the right but poor on the left.