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    playoff semi-final dates

    Enjoy the league 1 final. I hope it’s the Saturday I am on shift the Monday. Got hotel booked for the Friday night now. 👍
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    Luton Town vs Middlesbrough - SKY

    I got told off a source well in at another local championship team who probably won’t have to worry about the play offs.
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    playoff semi-final dates

    The Saturday semi and final would suit me fine but I’m on nightshift the Tuesday and Wednesday 🙁
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    Luton Town vs Middlesbrough - SKY

    Well if he’s right I’d guess the play off final will be the Saturday
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    playoff semi-final dates

    It was on EFL website as the Monday but that’s been removed now. I was told from a good source involved with another championship club not Boro.
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    playoff semi-final dates

    That’s the only place online you will see the 29th mentioned. I heard clubs where told a month ago but still no official announcement.
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    playoff semi-final dates

    I’ve heard the Final is the Saturday.
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    Darragh Lenihan & the ROI squad

    He does come out with some crap doesn’t he? England have a bigger pool to pick from so don’t have to look so far down.
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    SC query

    My son did he has the 18-21 st and got a free drink after turning 18.
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    Gang warfare in Ingleby Barwick ?

    What if I was a Tory ? 😬
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    Gang warfare in Ingleby Barwick ?

    Thankfully not. 🤔😳
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    The word "tosser"

    What about calling someone a fanny ?
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    Gang warfare in Ingleby Barwick ?

    Lived there 24 years never had a single problem.
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    Oh no surely not… the championship and elsewhere !

    Whats he said thats wrong ? Its a compliment to the Championship isnt it ?
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    Braverman Breaks Ministerial Code

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    If it snows it will be the Tories fault.
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    Blackpool fan killed Saturday

    The Manchester is a designated away pub. We where all in there our away game last season.
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    The Saudi banner yesterday....

    You are so outraged you chose to holiday in the region last year. Dooderooni sums it up. :(
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    Boro Easter Fixtures on Sky

    Wow one that’s actually worked in my favour I was on 12 hour day shift the 7th but can go now.
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    Hancock v Oakeshott

    I wouldnt climb over her to get to you. 😘