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    Dele Ali

    Would rather have Ali Baba
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    Best Championship Squad of English Players

    Fry is better than Cresswell. Archer & Ramsey are better than Gelhardt. Hackney is better than Hall.
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    Not having Jones on the bench.

    He'd have been absolute toilet like he has been for about 18 months mate. Don't kid yourself Jones would have made a difference last night.
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    Darragh Lenihan

    Love him. He's been absolutely quality in my opinion, not much more can be said.
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    Howson - yellow

    Oh, I wasn't aware of a cut off
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    Howson - yellow

    Whats everyones opinion on this? Im torn personally - part of me just wants him to get the booking asap so he's back for the run in. Another part doesn't want to lose him from the team. If we don't get automatic, it would be an absolute disaster if he got booked further down the line and...
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    We go up this season, what three players do you sign? What 3 do you sell?

    Absolutely no idea why people are naming Liam Roberts to sell. Looked a very very capable keeper in the games I saw. I still think he's destined to be number 1 here one day - although i think regardless of what league we are in next season, we'll try and get Steffen on a permanent. More than...
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    Playoff final - Watford or Sunderland

    Just 4? Which one are you not a fan of like?
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    Playoff final - Watford or Sunderland

    Who would you rather lose to? :ROFLMAO: I honestly hate Wilder that much, i'd prefer to get beat by Sunderland.
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    Chuba - Final Goal Tally

    On a side note how good was his finish on wednesday.
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    Food around Great Ayton

    Bay Horse and Jet Miners a bit further up the road in gt broughton are spot on. Best rib eye i've ever had from jet miners a few weeks ago. But also a +1 for where @Randy works, ridiculously good parmos.
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    Archer a doubt

    The 2 no-brainers I.E: - Straight swap Archer --> Crooks - Push Forss up as the central striker and bring Jones in I don't like either of those. I love crooks but hes not a striker. Jones, well.....he has been so woefully out of form the last 12 months i don't want him anywhere near the...
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    Love to see pictures like that. Especially with legends of the club like Stewy and Grant - it's great that they are working for the club too. Seems like theres a real togetherness since Carrick came in. We're quick enough to applaud what he's done on the pitch but i reckon he's working wonders...
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    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    Do you ever watch sky sports news? If so im surprised you're asking the question
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    Egg shortage?

    Hopefully we can get Foo this
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    Current Champo Players in Last Year of Contract

    Maxime Colin Ashley Barnes Johann Berg Gudmunsson Kieran Dowell Chris Willock Lucas Joao Dan Barlaser John Fleck Oli McBurnie Oliver Norwood Enda Stevens Ross Stewart Those are the standout names for me. If I had to choose 3: Ross Stewart Dan Barlaser Oliver Norwood
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    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    Womens football does not interest me in the absolute slightest, and im sick of sky ramming it down peoples throats all day because they are scared of offending people by not giving it coverage. And quotes like "The WSL is the same level as the Premier League" - my god bore off.
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    Howson, time to move on?

    I think on the whole he's been great for us. He's playing well again this season but not as well as last season where i thought he was exceptional personally. Also think he's probably helping Hackney massively - on and off the pitch. We certainly need to start looking for a really solid...
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    Kieran Scott at Craven Cottage last night

    I'd be very pleased with josh onomah and barlaser this window.