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    How ambitious is Steve Gibson?

    Wilder most definitely was not backed. He wanted 2 strikers.......and for whatever reason, probably financial, he was not given them. 2 managers do not fancy Hoppe & Forss......just by hobsons choice really, they are needed for the bench
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    What was the attendance today please.

    Train strike for Bristol game
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    Injury updates ?

    Nobody at club, except Scott, rates Hoppe, so it's no surprise we ain't seen him Appears Luango has gone to visit Lord Lucan
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    Elephant in the room

    FFS please don't suggest we missed crooks yesterday
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    Where the hell is Carrick?

    Think Phelan was on MUFC bench at Chelsea tonight, so it's unlikely he's part of the team
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    Sickening off our best manager in years to buy Hoppe and Forss

    People are saying we havnt seen Hoppe. There's a reason for that ! Two managers obviously don't rate him,but our chairman, ceo and director of football do ! See also......Mowatt, Luango....the list goes on
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    Why doesnt gibbo talk to the fans

    Gibson wasnt there today, on his hollybobs Bauser on his tod Scott.....was he there ?
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    Carrick not at match today

    Pauliej.... I agree re falling through
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    Carrick not at match today

    Bauser sat on front row, by himself, oops, sorry, with his mates Gibson on months holiday, probably in Caribbean doing some scouting for his bum chum Keiron 👍 Carrick wasnt there, like at Wigan. Surely a professional, even without a contract agreement in place, would want to see the team in...
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    Well that was fun wasn’t it

    Quickly ?????? don't make me laugh's MFC we're talking to. Masters of communication 🤣🤣🤣
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    MFC - the new dithering club

    If Carrick is becoming the new manager / head coach, (subject to sorting the coaches etc), then surely not watching our games in the interim, tells us a different he's not coming
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    If Carrick doesnt fancy Leo....

    Put him on the PA system about 15 mins before kick off !
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    Huddersfield will bury us on Tuesday night!!

    What about todays game ?
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    4 year banning orders

    Should be sent back to school, immature nobs Is 4 their IQ level ?
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    Triple lock on pensions dumped now

    Wooo Hoooo I'm a millionaire 👍
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    Jed Wallace John Swift Alex Mowett

    What ever happened to Dale Stephens 🤣
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    BBC Panorama - The Champions League Final, What Went Wrong?

    Hillsborough Heysel Attacking Man City team bus x 3 Throwings coins at Pep Champs Lge trouble in Paris Any common denominator ? 🤔
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    Carricks first game to be Preston

    Surely he has to play in accord with the clubs " golden thread" 🤔
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    World Cup Final Clash

    Proper Luton & Millwall fans won't be bothered.