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    Does anybody get the Southgate criticism…

    theres a reason he wins the most free kicks and thats because he constantly sticks his legs in the way of defenders to initiate contact and buys fouls. He would rather get a free kick than do something with the ball. Hes a good player and would be a better player if he stayed on his feet but...
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    Does anybody get the Southgate criticism…

    Thats rubbish. most players in this england team and the prem can retain the ball and keep possesion. He knows how to win free kicks which he does by cheating. Its not the same thing. Its like saying paddy mcnair is a better option than howson. 😛
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    Randy's Hip Hop/Rap Thread.

    NEW Statik Selektah, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck & Method Man Inspectah Deck is great never gets much recognition
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    Randy's Hip Hop/Rap Thread.

    They came together on this after 21 savage said Nas was no longer relevant. Fair play to nas for not taking it personally and reaching out to him. Nas teaming up with top producers (Hit-Boy) is putting out great albums. checkout Kings Disease II and Kings Disease III
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    Did Johnson lie to Parliament?

    A trickier question would be did Johnson ever tell the truth to Parliament.
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    Huddersfield Town

    How have they spent beyond their means? i dont recall any decent players that would be worth going out of business for even when they went up. They seemed to have a decent team of plodders who overachieved. what happened to all the money? They got absolutely robbed in that play off final, it...
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    Simon Jordan v Eddie Hearn on talksport now

    Had to turn it off. Two big headed jumped up tossers talking over each other.
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    Not having Jones on the bench.

    we dont miss jones and theres a reason he barely makes the bench. its technically poor. We missed the width down the right last night but we should have had forss out there sooner instead of up top. missed his energy i thought.
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    Dan Barlaser

    Bottom line is you can make all the excuses you want. Diego was right tonight he was woeful. He couldn't make simple 10 yard pass on any turn or facing a red shirt. Everyone wants him to succeed. i think we are just hoping he can. I'm sure games will help but tonight was a bit worrying. Don't...
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    Pressure on?

    I don't think we played our usual patient game today not sure if it was down to nerves or their pressing or bit of both. We certainly weren't as big of a threat today. Might see forss back in on sat. Good point tonight
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    Carrick's "Managing your emotions" comment

    We have played out from the back all season and it has been excellent you still have fans complain about it in the first 5 mins its weird. High risk, high reward. I like it. Its refreshing we have the confidence to do it at anytime in the game
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    Dan Barlaser

    @Diego Can you please start a thread on each individual player after every match so know ones left out.
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    Dan Barlaser

    From what I've seen he doesn't play close to how howson plays and no ones writing him off. He was poor and played well against qpr simple as that. Its you who's over reacting
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    Dan Barlaser

    Don't think he was having a dig just said its a bit worrying that he comes on in tight games and gives the ball away alot. Hes said a few times it early days. Cant see whats wrong with his posts. There was many in the same boat but as a new signing its a discussion point.
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    Dan Barlaser

    Might have been a better option than barlaser opening the game up for them.
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    Dan Barlaser

    Hes got a lot to prove being compared with other players who have came in and had a big impact and also following in crooks foot steps. He has been way off and needs to start doing the basics better. Mowatt looks a better option at the moment.
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    This football we’re playing under Carrick

    Superb and bringing in top quality loan signings has helped. Well done the scouting team too. Mcgree, Hackney, Ramsey, chuba all technically excellent. A great blend with archers pace and Giles crossing. In the past we've been so predictable but this team can play in soo many ways.
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    So who if anyone will do MOTD now

    Fair play to the BBC for highlighting and bringing this tweet to the masses. 😂They have really messed this up haven't they. A alot of people who may not have seen the tweet or realise how tainted the BBC is can now see how utterly deplorable this government is.
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    So who if anyone will do MOTD now

    H9w do you know if you don't watch it?🤔
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    Warnock Admits To 'Never Been In A Worse Situation'

    manager comes in, states how the bad the situation is so whatever happens its not their fault. but when they leave or are sacked they speak of leaving the club in a good position... should be politicians these shysters