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    Brussels advice

    Oreillys Irish Pub, just off Grand Place, watched Boro v birmingham there many years ago during Karanka days.
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v West Brom. Match-Day Thread *

    And then won it with a string of fine saves
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    The Steffen conundrum

    Im not adding to the debate with this, but more an observation, when we conceded from (ffs ) the free kick, Crooks reaction, then Lenihans reaction , both were ffs, then commendably Lenihan goes to Steffen to " pick him up " he did the same at Cardiff last week. True leader that man. However...
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    Carrick ; SERIOUSLY ?????

    Hang on tho, you most probably were being fair and constructive in your assessment of his performance, scoring a goal doesn't change that.
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    FMTTM in-jokes

    Is there a fountain ?
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    Just a thought about all these strikes

    No,, the system is loaded for the buy to let market, The banks wouldnt lend to the renter. Its simple to fix really. But it wont be because everything is geared for a rich and poor world. its all about control, the working class are consumers, to be charged for everything for the benefit of a few.
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    Just a thought about all these strikes Fridgeman, please read this article, its long, but i think it may answer your question. There will be no relief whilst this goverment is in power, their agenda / policy is based on greed and elitism ok...
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    Today's goals ...

    Funny because weve won comfortably that nobodies mentioned the blatant penalty shout and crap ref ( let far too many late challenges go )
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    Car parks

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    The state of our country, & perhaps the reason why !

    This was written in 2016, see how fast its gone since then, truss and her cabinet caught red handed, a bit too quick for the elite,
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    The state of our country, & perhaps the reason why ! I dont normally post anything of any meaning, politically but read with great interest what others have to say. I am astonished by the division between most working class people when basically we all...
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    On This Day - 30th January 1649 ...

    How did the executioner manage to swing his axe, !? or was he a little person
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    Yesterday was a huge game

    We will see how far weve come in a fortnight when we play Sheff Utd. They have pulled us to pieces the last 2 times weve played them. 1 game at a time tho ,
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    Yesterday was a huge game

    Not Just the win, but the manner of the win, the performance was night and day to last week. Lets hope that the coaching staff have identified the reasons for the Sunderland performance and are instructing / coaching that play which we saw yesterday. Higher line, more intensity, aggression...
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    Player celebrating another professional being sent off.

    Ok, while were here on the subject of this lad, when he scored ( and a good goal it was ) did he also gesture at the Boro support for a considerable time ( hand on ear and other hand doing something, no idea what he meant ) rather than celebrate his goal. Is there any history here with this lad
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    Ardon Jashari

    Probably end up playing in the "stiffs", is he hard in the tackle ?
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    Humiliating defeat yesterday

    Alrite Michael, welcome to the board. Keep up the good work.
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    Humbling defeat

    How do you know it wouldnt have ended differently. In cup competitions lesser skilled teams outfight their more skillfull oponents. Its happened to us numerous times as well .
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    Humbling defeat

    you take up a better position, get closer , dont stand off , close down spaces off the ball, track your man, niggley fouls , put them off their game, disrupt their rythmn. Dont just stand off and run around half arsed.