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    Boro vs. the rest (last 50 years)

    any idea what our closest position to Liverpool was? Had a look at recent history and we were 2 places and 3 points behind them in 98/99 (same again in 04/05)
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    Howson signs 1 year extension

    yeah certainly makes it less likely if we go up
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    Starmers motion to bar Corbyn being Labour Candidate

    is it the centre though? even in 2019 working-age people voted more for Labour than the Tories. Young people voted in their droves for Labour. It's the older generations, the retired, the rich and comfortable that swung ridiculously to the Tories.
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    Howson signs 1 year extension

    He needs another 85 league appearances I make it to break into our top 10 (to go level with Pears). 254 v 339 currently
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    Howson signs 1 year extension

    Akpom and Fry next please
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    Howson signs 1 year extension

    great news
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    Málaga win!

    We are going there on Monday (well Torrox) - was hoping there might be a Malaga home game but not to be!
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    9 Boro players away on international duty

    First minute goal today for Sonny Finch but unfortunately went off injured not long after
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    How good was Wilf Mannion?

    Is there actually any footage of him?
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    Making room for Ramsey

    If you asked me to name my best team now it would be McGree and Forss but plenty of chance to rotate them/
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    Over 1000 New Season Card holders signed up

    considering everything that is going on economically our attendances and ST numbers are very good for our position
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    Darragh Lenihan

    that is intersting on the injury. shows how important he is that he is happy to rotate McNair/Fry but not Lenihan. Also didn't realise he had been with us as a kid.
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    Boro u21s

    CM/no.10 with an eye for a goal. We seem to have a few decent young lads coming through in that position, Luke Woolston played today (bit more of a defensive mid) and has a pro deal already (still an u18), Yacou Traore as well has a pro deal. Jack Stott is a bit older but has trained with the...
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    Oooh bitchy

    quite amazing rise really from Fleetwood, in 2010 Blackpool were getting promoted to the PL and Fleetwood were getting promoted to the National League
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    Boro u21s

    occasionally but it seems a bit random. not recently I don't think
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    Boro u21s 5-1 away at Derby today. Hat-trick for Jeremy Sivi. Goals as well for u-18s Matthews and McCabe
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    playoff semi-final dates

    I don't understand why people are booking non-refundable train tickets in advance. Can you change the date on them if we didn't get there?
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    Boro’s International Roundup

    kept out of the team by this guy plays in Italy's 2nd division
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    Boro's Riverside Scorers Quiz

    107... missed uncle Albert!
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    Boro's Riverside Scorers Quiz

    incredible that Akpom could be not far off no.1 by the end of the season pretty much off 1 season