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  1. J

    Chuba’s world class shot yesterday

    Thought the one in the first half that was disallowed was better personally. Edge of the box, left foot and right into the corner. A player playing with unbelievable self belief at the moment.
  2. J

    Match day packages

    Second this. Been in a few times and always enjoyed it
  3. J


    Honourable mention to him clearing a corner in the 2nd half then chasing his own clearance up to the halfway line. No wonder he got cramp
  4. J

    Tommy Smith

    Lost count of the number of overlaps he made today. Put in a great cross we should’ve scored from. Vastly underrated.
  5. J

    Noel Gallagher - new album details

    Agreed. Great track!
  6. J

    Riley McGree

    I must admit I didn’t think it would work with him in the left wing but I love how he’s got license to roam. Pops up in some great positions, often on the opposite wing. Unfortunately I think he’s just a yard too slow to be truely top class but doing a good job for us where we are at the moment.
  7. J


    He’ll need a song if he keeps scoring match winners!
  8. J

    Geldhart and Cresswell

    I heard last week from a connected source we’d asked about Cresswell but we were ‘too late’. I didn’t pay much attention to it to be honest as he’s on a season long loan to Millwall. Unless Leeds had some sort of recall clause they could’ve exercised?
  9. J

    NYC for Sunderland game

    This. Go down the stairs and in the left hand corner next to the bar is the Boro area.
  10. J

    Grant Hall

    Was thrown an inhaler prior to coming off according to one of the Sunderland fans there so not sure he’s ‘injured’ as such.
  11. J

    Ryan giles

    I thought Smith was exploited more than Giles today personally. Was given a run around in the first half and caught out with a ball over his head to the far post (again)
  12. J

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers Match-Day Thread *

    Their message board makes for interesting reading. Despite the fantastic record they have against us most are expecting a comfortable defeat. You’d think they were 3rd bottom not 3rd top. Boro at a canter
  13. J

    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    I love flying from MME now personally. Parking is cheap, security is a breeze, facilities are decent and after an hour to Amsterdam I can be pretty much anywhere I want to be.
  14. J

    Best Dog insurance

    I've just had a similar email from Manypets. Mine has only gone up by £10 a month despite not making any claims.
  15. J

    I was in a lift with Tony Mowbray today.

    Bizarrely I have also shared a lift with Dave ‘Bertie’ Basset. I also saw Barbara Windsor coming out of the same said lift later in the day.
  16. J

    Individual Skills Coach

    He’s been over at Soccer Sensations doing extra work as well
  17. J

    George friend

    Another ex-player with a wand of a left foot has returned to the club recently to work with the academy.
  18. J

    Sky Glass v Sk Q

    Don’t get me wrong, I intend to do that, but I need a backup plan in case they call my bluff
  19. J

    Sky Glass v Sk Q

    You can now. I believe it’s called Sky Stream rather than Glass so maybe my title is a little misleading .
  20. J

    Sky Glass v Sk Q

    Has anyone made the switch from Q to Glass and can give any positives or negatives? I’m potentially looking to make the switch from Virgin due to the usual ridiculous hike in subscription cost and wondering which is the lesser of two evils. I wouldn’t be looking to get the Glass TV, just the...