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    Frustrating results when you look back

    And Man City, Birmingham, Wolves, Man Utd, Cardiff etc.... Christ we had some right kicks in the nuts didn't we!!
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    Starmers motion to bar Corbyn being Labour Candidate

    Maybe 1945?, but none in over 70 years.since...
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    playoff semi-final dates

    I'm right - you're wrong...Jeeeeeez. Anyhow, I booked my hotel for Fri night just last week, refundable obvs. Let's hope we go up in the top 2.
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    Always been a fan of Tyson Fury but he is being crass in this malarkey v Usyk. 70/30 of a mega purse is some deal for TF but to refuse 50/50 for a rematch is idiotic. There's no guarantee he'll win the first fight so how can he dictate terms for the second? Those 2 purse splits will amount to...
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    Oasis reunion looking highly likely

    Fancy goin' then Sub?
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    Simon Jordan v Eddie Hearn on talksport now

    Not just me then!
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    'Away The Lads'

    "Boro Boys We Are Here Whoooooa" was sang in a pub at QPR 3/4 years back, admittedly by only a few of us 60 year olds!
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    'Away The Lads'

    And all thru' the 70's
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    I came 4th?...well chuffed, I'm hopeless backing horses so usually steer clear. Well done to the North Korean on finishing top! Great entertainment and top man Subbuteo for pulling it together.
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    Daft £1.50 e/w at 66-1...won £122 !
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    Anyone here drink in Navigation pub?

    Plastic bottles absolutely fly out at away grounds, very quick and easy to serve.
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    Day 4 1:30 Gala Marceau 2:10 First Street 2:50 Montys Star 3:30 Ahoy Senor 4:10 The Storyteller 4:50 Pink Legend 5:30 Irish Hill (NAP)
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    Couple had the 33-1 winner, me included, the other fella had it as his NAP!! Could have been even better, it was 66-1 last 48 hours but moved in 60 mins before the off!
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition long last!
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    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    As my Grandad used to say, "I couldn't tip coal'. So, Plan C - total no-hopers at big odds. Day 3 1:30 Stage Star 2:10 Mill Green 2:50 Envoi Allen 3:30 Sire Du Berlais 4:10 Frero Banbou 4:50 Under Control 5:30 Fontaine Collognes (NAP)
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    2 x Coach Seats Huddersfield Wanted

    Little hoof, ta.
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    Huddersfield away

    2 x Coach Seats wanted, cheers. UTB
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    2 x Coach Seats Huddersfield Wanted

    Managed to (only just!) get 2 tickets for Huddersfield match and need 2 seats on a coach if anyone has spaces. Cheers.
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    Huddersfield away

    Same of our teeth!