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    Nashville Primary School shooting

    Why would you change the rules if they work for you. I can't imagine the stress that must linger in the background knowing that these things happen so frequently in schools. My biggest worry about school is whether they're getting a good feed some days.
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    Can you imagine being given this opportunity

    The article is working in its main purpose then ;)
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    Can you imagine being given this opportunity

    I felt guilty taking my daughter to B&Q the other week as I felt we should be doing something she would enjoy more. It would be interesting to see if the book follows the theme of the article in its entirety I think, as the article is certainly awfully damning (but is written to peak interest...
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    Neil Warnock on Sam Morsy

    I didn't mind Morsy. Put in a shift in a team that wasn't doing great. Was a banker for a yellow card. Hes gone on to do well at Ipswich. He isn't a top of the league midfielder, but we weren't a top of the league team.
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    Government Emergency alert on your phone

    Out of all the things to be angry about regarding government this isn't one of them. I do like the idea on a local level system like this for important updates: WARNING: Tesco is out of Brocoli FOR INFORMATION: Spence is playing again tonight and no thread has been posted on fmttm BEWARE...
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    Power flush - central heating

    We did it in an old system and it improved the heat output across the house significantly. Loads of crap came out too. There were no specific radiator problems though the house just didnt seem to heat well or evenly.
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    You've probably done something wrong. It's worth setting up a firework display in the back garden in a way of an apology initially and send them round a tray of meat. Never fails.
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    Italy v England in Naples

    I would never go to an Italian game again after that last one where the fans pinched my belt. Jeans wouldn't stay up, was awkward as!
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    Our recruitment this season.

    I think if you head back to October on the board here our recruitment team weren't getting the plaudits they are now. I remember Chubba being crucified on one thread. What a difference 6 months in football makes!
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    You can't compare football and rugby refereeing. Rugby refs are protected by the rules of the game. People don't chat back and argue because they would be off the pitch. The rules of football leave the refs in a vulnerable position. You would ban for 4 games for that behaviour. In rugby if...
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    Didier Digard

    Crazy that at 36 he isn't the youngest manager.
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    Anybody else not get excited to watch England?

    :ROFLMAO: Both past your best then. You can both leave it to the youngsters. I might be wrong of course. Maybe the kids dont like them either.
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    Anybody else not get excited to watch England?

    I think it's an age thing. You're all getting old. Youngsters love a bit of International football and England. age you drift outside of tournament football.
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    Roy Hodgson returns to Crystal Palace

    I think the lack of a win in the last 10 games can easily justify a sacking. Certainly they are in freefall. Scratch the surface and it looks like they have taken wins from most of the games against teams below them which is why they are where they are. I think the run a fixtures has been...
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    Players shouldn't be touching referees at any point. It may be a soft red if it was player to player but this is the official incharge of the game being handled due to a decision a player disagrees with. Red card and long suspension to protect officials and send a message that it is not...
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    Head Teacher refuses Ofsted inspection

    It astounds me how much effort is put in at schools to prepare for Offsted rather than to teach the children. Supervisions/ practice visits/ work in books, all done to show the inspectors whats happening rather than directed at childrens development. Even planned lessons to meet the inspectors...
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    The end?

    That doesnt really look like the real Xi :unsure: Double double!
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    In the bigger picture of dissent I don't really blame the players either- they will play to the edge of the rules. Sport is about maximising your advantage without breaking the rules in the game. This is why diving, dissent and gamesmanship of various descriptions thrive in football. You get...
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    Hospitality Fights Back

    People aren't allowed to do nice things. Only survive. Good news Randy, really pleased for you. The more money that can be re-circulated locally the better for the local economies.
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    The end?

    No, only baddies.