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    playoff semi-final dates

    It's on the skybet championship twitter page also.
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    Gentry Day for PNE this year is at Boro

    Best away fans this season with out doubt! Great atmosphere today and their contribution to that was huge.
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    Luther's back!!

    Poor, un-realistic Sci fi this time around.
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    Cost to buy Giles, Archer and Ramsay?

    🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️ it's not 1999 you know.. You can atleast double that to even get the talking started.
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    Ryan Giles

    Giles is a minimum of 8m in today's market with the assists he has made this season. Cant see us getting him less than that.
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    Birmingham vs West Brom

    It's all falling into place 👍
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    Just a thought about all these strikes

    Shouldn't that be the government's priority? Not a nurse?
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    Muniz & Hoppe

    Muniz hasn't been in the team 👀
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    Muniz & Hoppe

    Crooks is never a striker in a month of Sundays.
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    Muniz & Hoppe

    Tbf Muniz haven't been given a run. Hoppe looks average at best, investment maybe? But let's offload the wages and look for improvements
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    Southampton vs Man City

    It felt like city had been told to give it to them 🤔
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    Southampton vs Man City

    Que Southampton with 11 Goalkeepers on the line in the second half
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    Ryan giles

    But with him we "might" have scored 12 ? You could go on all day with the "might" Fact is, he is one of our best players simple! The aim of the game is to play your strongest squad, he's in that every match day!
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    Ryan giles

    And without him we wouldn't have made it 1-1 Fact
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    Ryan giles

    The problem is, until you start playing you don't know "how competitive" you are going to be?? And also in games your not competing in, somone like giles is a game changer, one pin point cross or pass and your turning a non competitive game into a competitive game. 🤷‍
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    Ryan giles

    Maybe you want to have a look at his stats. Without his presence we wouldn't be where we are...
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    Ryan giles

    To spell it out, you are an absolute clown.
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    Ryan giles

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    Ryan giles

    Hahahahaahahahhhahahaah well done
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    Carrick out?