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    Can Norwich beat Sheff u

    The 'anyone can beat anyone in this league' doesn't really bear scrutiny. The bottom teams in the Championship are running at the same points per game as the Prem League's bottom teams. Burnley (1st in Championship) are running at about the same points per game as Man City (2nd in Prem...
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    Humza Yousaf new SNP leader

    Not necessarily, but Labour can't rely on disaffected SNP voters defaulting to Labour. The Libdems and Greens will gain support, and maybe Alba will emerge too.
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    Anyone travel from Edinburgh

    Jedburgh is fun but dangerous. Those humps are like a rollercoaster. I've been airborne a few times near Otterburn. The A697 through Coldstream is the most reliable. There are some good straights for overtaking. I like it better than the A68 but beware the speed cameras. Sometimes there's a...
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    Virgin Media again.

    Not immediately. The ISP has to leave you with the email address for at least six months after you quit. After that they might let you keep the email address etc for a fee.
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    What the hell is going on with clubs finances?!

    No, they won't because sooner or later there'll be another vanity business area that emerges to hoover up cash from people who have more money than sense. When Ryan Reynolds realises that Wrexham won't ever win the Champions' League, he'll be gone. Football - in England especially - is living...
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    Anyone travel from Edinburgh

    I live in Edinburgh, but I don't go to matches very often. When I do go I drive and stay with friends in Northallerton. It's a shame if you can't get back to Edinburgh on the train after an evening match, but then again you'll be living in the greatest place on the planet, so all is not lost. :-)
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    This Altering of Film Classics has gone too far now!!! (Chariots of Fire)

    I'm the proud owner of two of Eric Liddell's rugby caps
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    Virgin Media again.

    It's MODEM mode not MODERN mode.
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    World baseball classic - final

    Lots of countries take baseball seriously - it's the national sport of Japan for example. The MLB is stuffed with players from Asia, Caribbean, South and Central America, Canada as well as the US. It's a really cosmopolitan league. I guess it'll rancor with the US players that they didn't win...
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    World baseball classic - final

    Interesting timing for this. The MLB season starts in seven days.
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    Dealing with flashbacks

    I'm really sorry to hear this. I know that won't be any consolation right now, but from someone who has had cats over the years, I can assure you that time does help to ease your grief. You should take consolation from knowing that you provided a loving and caring home for your cat, and that...
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    The run in

    The next games for Boro and Sheff Utd are very important. Sheff Utd at Norwich - Norwich must see this is a must win, or at the very least must not lose, or their play off hopes are gone. Boro at Huddersfield - this is a must win for Boro. If Norwich were to beat Sheff Utd and Boro beat...
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    The whole incident was appalling. Willian claiming the ball had hit his chest, when it clearly hadn't, is cheating. Then Silva abusing the ref for doing his job is a terrible example to kids. Then Mitrovic pushing and aggressively yelling at the ref is unacceptable in any situation, let alone...
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    Sheff United v Blackburn

    No, they'll be able to play.
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    Sheff United v Blackburn

    It's ok in the cup competitions.
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    Brighton Vs Grimsby

    Grimsby didn't really have a go. They barely had a shot. I wondered if Karanka was the Grimsby manager. 😒
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    Sheff United v Blackburn

    I agree, it was a good game. It might not have been Prem League quality but the Blades are clearly one of the better teams in the Championship. If they play to that standard they won't drop many points. Let's hope they get distracted by the Cup.
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    Thoughts on Gibson.

    Does anyone think Steve Gibson will sell the club if MFC is promoted this season?
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    Ivan Toney

    They were banned for life, later reduced to seven years, but those Sheff Wed guys - and about seven others - went to jail. Layne, Swan and Kay were part of the England set up. Swan was tipped as a 1966 World Cup player. If they are still alive they must look at Ivan Toney and wonder why someone...
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    Sunderland vs Sheffield United

    No, we aren't. Sheff Utd have six games left at that point, and four of them are at home. To have any chance of second Boro need to be within a couple of points of the Blades by Easter Monday.