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    A Pub With No Beer

    I agree they've come a long way but better than the real thing? Not yet in my books. 🍻
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    Depeche Mode new album

    It gets better for a couple of listens but it's no Black Celebration. I just feel the music they produce and my tastes have diverged massively.
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    What the hell is going on with clubs finances?!

    Agents represent the players. Agents agitate for moves/new contracts and players become unsettled and the club suffers. Yet the club is responsible for paying them. Why?
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    How did she score

    Snuck in at the back post unseen.
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    Depeche Mode new album

    I will try again when I might be in a more receptive mood, but initial impressions of the first few tracks is that it's a terrible dirge and a hard listen.
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    Depeche Mode new album

    It's on Spotify.
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    The weekend beer and music thread

    Wine for a change - a glass of viognier which may be followed by another. Just fancied some Talking Heads tonight.
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    Bet you don’t boast about the bets you lose.

    I agree there should be a choice to buy without the sponsor, but I guess most would choose the advert free option and so the sponsor will feel they are missing out.
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    Virgin Media again.

    For all the talk of competition in the market our current choice is VM or slow broadband via BT as we are far from the exchange.
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    Anybody else not get excited to watch England?

    First football to disappear behind Sky's paywall and I've never regained the interest I had before.
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    It was too hard for non rugby playing countries to understand apparently. 🫢
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    As opposed to Dylan Hartley. "This man called me an effing cheat. He leaves the field!".
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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    I'd like the refs to be miked up. We'd have 3-4 weeks of commentators apologising for industrial language every 3 minutes and loads of yellow cards, then the penny will drop.
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    ‘It’s very nice, but it’s going nowhere”

    Or a RF banner.
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    Giles for England?

    How often does Trent Alexander Arnold play under Southgate? Another with world class delivery but there are better defenders.
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    Interesting looking grid for Saudi GP

    Fair play to Stroll for doing such a good job of parking off the track, an effort totally wasted by clowns.
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    Great article in the Athletic on our London Recruitment

    Thanks for posting. It's an interesting read.
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    Jonny Howson

    As Maddo said yesterday "He's like Mr Bean" just appears when required. I think he meant the shopkeeper from Mr Benn.
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    Have you ever made a model of the cup to take to the game

    No, but this post reminded me of a great landlord in Scunny who was a Geordie. On the shelf behind the bar was a mug with the slogan "This is a Geordie mug, not to be confused with a cup"
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    Q we posed at the game today have you ever seen us play better than we are now

    Not in my memory in terms of style and consistency.