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    What final position would you take now?

    I think play-offs is a shoe in bar a massive loss of form or a Devon Loch style capitulation. Never gonna be a better time to nail it as we look to be the best of an also ran bunch this season. Had we not given Burnley and Sheff Utd a head start, we could arguably been in with a shout of...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Brum Match-Day Thread *

    Getting a bit Tetchy!
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    What is the coolest thing you own?

    An Original Big Trak A boxed pair of 1983 Adidas Kick A Raleigh Burner GLS
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    Flight radar…

    What sammysmith said. ADSB is your one for police and military...tankers, posiedons, eurofighters and f35s
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    WASPS!!!! 🐝 Little B@$T@RDS

    Currently in Perth and just had to brush away a cheeky redback spider. It responded well to the brush and scuttled back to its own area. Suspect it was female as a bit bigger so took no chances.
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    Middlesbrough on a night time

    I know, so many people these day don't know who they actually are, so need to ask others "who are you looking at?" Not for a scrap, just cos they're off their t*ts and genuinely don't know lol
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    Middlesbrough on a night time

    ha ha...I know...tangent man! I was on a roll and with my memory, if I didn't get it all out there and then, I'd forget what I wanted to say!🤣
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    Middlesbrough on a night time

    Yeah some bits of Newcastle are a bit ropey Scrug...where were you gigging?
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    Middlesbrough on a night time

    Going back to say late 80s/early 90s when you'd do the Madhouse, Whickers World, the welly, cornerhouse, the bank, maybes the Arena for live music and then being in the town centre a few weeks ago on a sat comparison. Maybe it's just a generational thing perhaps?
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    Tonight match sponsor made me laugh

    I read it too and he's right. Family in Oz and we're off there in 2 weeks for a month. Deffo looking at whats available.
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    Middlesbrough on a night time

    I left Boro back in Jan 1990 and have been back periodically ever since. I live in Northumberland now, but like others have said, it isn't the place I grew up in. Less shops, less police, areas seem to be run down a little bit more. I was having a similar conversation the other day with a mate...
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    As Alan Partridge told us....God is a gas.....
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    Fabian Delph & Danny Drinkwater

    For weeks now I've said Diego his age not as mobile maybe, it would still ruffle feathers in the champ.
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    Lads with handbags

    Manhead, you didn't go to Gillbrook did ya?
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    How far away are you from Middlesbrough now?

    45.1 miles...
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    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    After the death of my dad and not speaking to him for 32 years after he left, then his friend messaging me on SM thinking it was a scam. The day I got in touch and replied, was the day after he died. The living years This is a hard listen aftery mum was terminally ill and passed away We...
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    Wilder shows his limited ability - AGAIN

    For some reason, we cannot seem to get players in or deals over the line. Now I know that will be for various reasons. I also accept we need to get the best deal for the football club. However, somewhere in the chain of command, there seems to be a blocker. I don't think it's Scott, I know Gibbo...
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    This new signing

    Diego Costa.....he's coming lol
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    Man About The House (and other 70s sitcoms)

    Also Shiela Ruskin...The Sweeney, The professionals and also Tales of the unexpected to name a few!