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    In the interest of balance name me one thing one positive of this tory govt.

    1 st off I'm not a Tory , but letting you get your hands on your pension moneys instead of having to buy a policy . But thats it !
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    Kentucky Fried Movie, Lemon Popsicle et al

    Young Frankenstein, classic
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    Leo on Hackney and the golden thread

    We are a Championship club , we have to get real and start using our resources , ie our own kids . That's why Wilder was'nt going to work . He was the here and now , not in the next couple of years ! The only thing Gibson wont like is kids dont sell season tickets ( Vikor G was never coming but...
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    Wilder not being backed is a myth.

    Agree , had vibes of Monk , spend ,spend , spend , while looking at better jobs . VG at 20 million was never a option , it just fed season ticket sales ( old ploy by the club). Plus the club must be hacked off with Wilder never giving younger players a chance . He lost the locker room , hence...
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    Lies to sell season tickets

    This has been happening for years . Some of the most expensive season tickets in the EFL takes a big sell , and some lies .
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    Well said Mark Drury

    BBC tees and the local media always carry the party line . Dont upset the club and risk access . When Drury made those comments before the game about Akpom , and the missing Hoppe , I knew then that he must have been primed with inside information .The record since Easter has been woeful ...
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    BORO strikers scoring on debut

    The great John Hickton scored on his debut against Workington Town ,,,,,,, and guess what it was a penalty , he was the best taker of pens we have ever had , Grant 2nd .
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    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

    it looks empty to me !
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    Realistic signings

    Tav and Fry need to sign contract extensions , now in their last year . Otherwise they will be sold , cant afford for them to walk free !
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    Different team completely next season?

    I was very impressed with Viktor Gyokeres of Coventry ,good new goalie should 30 years plus , chase Lumley and Daniels , this would give Brynn or Hemmings a chance to progess . Bamba amazes me , he has been so good , but would he last another season? Scott could be the most important man at the...
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    Different team completely next season?

    OP ,did'nt mention Akpon either !
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    This day 1972 - FAC replay v Man City

    Went to both games , I was 17 at the time .I remember going on the footbal special train . We were sat behind the goal and the weird thing was the seat was behind a large post which had a large hole in it to watch the game . Maine Road was in Moss Side I think , but boy was it rough ! Plus it...
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    Jose Mourinho sacked

    Calling Eddie Howe , get your money on !
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    Gary Neville

    Let them go , and ban return !
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    Those Middlesbrough players who 'want out' shouldn't play again this season - Dominic Shaw [Gazette]

    We are still seeing the fall out from Monks spending spree ! Howson apart cant see a success in there . But it started in premier league as well with the purchases of Rudy and that bloke from Watford ( so good I cant remember his name ) ,selling Bamford just's rubs salt into the wounds . Now a...
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    Enough is enough Neil admit he’s not good enough

    Spend 1 million on goalie who is out on loan in Germany .Got to better than this clown !
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    BBC4 effectively shut down

    The best channel the BBC have . The first channel to show the Killing , the Bridge ,Salamander etc . But most of these type of programme's are on Netflix now . The world has changed but will miss it if it goes !
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    Harry Chapman

    Mogga did,nt getting him going either .Found his level me thinks !
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    We are a mid table side

    OP is spot on , we dont want what we got last time around when promoted !We need NW for another season at least , but Gibson has to learn from past mistakes . Remember he had Kenyon beside him last time round ( a wise head with contacts ? ) . Tav and a few more need another season in...
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    Why we won’t make the play offs & why it’s not a disaster.

    We are no way good enough , money is tight ,even before covid ! Its a slow rebuild under difficult circumstances .Warnock has done a great job , and we all hope he stays. If and when we do go up we want to make a decent fist of it. The Premiership is brutal and who wants a repeat of last time ...