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    He is obviously of bad character regardless if he is guilty or not .For all his tallent I would not want someone like that part of my squad.
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    Money talks . Having a good lawyer and in a position to pay people of as Prince Andrew did.But don't know the ins and Outs so all speculation.
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    Enzo Fernández fee

    It's the side of football I really can't stand.Its getting worse.
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    Think he's a forward attacking midfielder number 10 replacement for Duncan.
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    To be fare we have had a fare share of bad managers unfortunately over the last few years but also some good.
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    He's looking a really good player.What a fool he makes wilder look.
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    Chuba what a lovely touch and control he has
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    Mcgree was brilliant.
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    Who did mado give it to?
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    Kieran Scott...

    Someone like him was badly needed someone to link every department together from the boardroom to the recruitment and the coaches,to the media and fans he seems to be linking everything well so far . Think he's made a massive difference already and his communication with fans and media has been...
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    The slapping sport

    How can this be a thing how pathetic.
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    Chris Wilder

    At this moment Carrick is looking brilliant but we don't know what the future holds .Most managers go from hero to villain wait and see,for now looking like the best in years.
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    German fans at our game yesterday

    Up for that.
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    Got to be in the next Scotland squad.He will be England's loss.Then again England have tallent in midfield.
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    Not bad for a development player.What a joke from wilder.
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    Carrick and wilder difference

    He used to like talking about his pegs.
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    Carrick and wilder difference

    Wilder was boring all about round pegs and round holes.Carrick is willing to experiment and it's paying of .Chuba tucked in behind scoring 10 in last 11, playing crooks with his height further forward which is looking good and our shape looks alot Better.Wilder missing out on giving Hackney his...
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    Hear what your saying.I think this loan will do him the world of good seems a mature lad but this will help being away from his home comforts .
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    * The Unofficial "Official" FA Cup: Boro v Brighton. Match-Day Thread *

    I hope the fans don't get on Jones back he's decent player at championship level that is going through a dip get behind him and lift him.The fans done the same to Tav .Class is permanent form is temporary.
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    We clearly have money to spend!

    Good servant and loyal.Has best interests.His decision making at times he as been woeful but on a positive note appointments of Scott and Carrick a master stroke hope it continues.