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    Countdown Arctic Monkeys>>>>>>>>>>>

    I dont see what the hype is, I dont mind a few songs but the rest are just a bit meh. I certainly wouldnt be looking to go say if it was at Manchester. However if any one here is going im sure youll enjoy it
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    Evidently it is a Derby.

    Not sure if anyone has posted this Boro to Sunderland is 24 miles however the Liverpool Manchester 'derby' is 32 miles
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    This new signing

    In the latest post on the gazette live app (can’t copy and paste it here for some reason) Wilder says a breakthrough has happened with a striker (not Larsen) and is now just a pieces of paperwork away from being completed? Any guesses who it might be?
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    Song for Forss...

    Never heard that can you feel the force before but I’m loving the disco like
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    Forss medical ongoing now

    I managed to see a few games last season on sky and the mfc website for being abroad so didn’t get to see most or all of them, but when I did see it I always thought Crooks was a bit of a liability, always seemed to get booked and walking on egg shells for the rest of the game I don’t know what...
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    Southampton - Delap - Armstrong

    I havnt read the full thread, but I agree. Didn’t Chelsea do that at one point. Had about 20 players out on loan. Some will make it, some won’t. The ones that do or don’t won’t make a difference as the club loaning them are paying yeh wages. Then Chelsea just pick and choose who they want to...
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    Questions to ask Chris Wilder

    Smack or crack cocaine?
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    Armstrong incoming?

    Aah didn’t realise he was only a young lad. Well this could throw a spanner in the works
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    Armstrong incoming?

    Might be reading too much into this but Southampton have agreed in principal to sign forward Sekou Mara from Bordeaux. Not sure who he is but things could move forward if the links with Boro and Armstrong were genuine
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    Viktor Gyökeres

    Yeh I can see it now, first couple of games the newspaper will read how Boro and wilder desperately need forwards in. Watmore and coburn will start with a couple of other young lads on the bench. Quit disappointed really when at the start of the window I was expecting some decent forwards to...
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    Viktor Gyökeres

    That’s them😂
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    Viktor Gyökeres

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Newcastle to be honest. Wilson is their main forward this season. Gyokores would be an extremely cheap back up striker who could do a decent job. Yeh he’s not going to get them into the top 10, but for a sub striker it seems to make sense. Remember when Chelsea...
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    Marcus Tavernier is pushing for a Premier League move this Summer..

    Can’t fault him if he wants to go. Like I’ve said before it’s no different than us signing a player from league one. Why is it ok for us to sign someone in that league to offer them a better career, but not alright for a prem team to buy one of our players. But like everyone has said the money...
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    Djed Spence only Spurs interested ??

    Yeh to be fair, managers aren’t guaranteed to be in the job in the next 3-4 years so why would they want to sign young players who aren’t going to be nailed on starters. They will want players ready now, not in the next few years so these type of signings I dare say are never the manager. More...
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    Djed Spence only Spurs interested ??

    spurs are doing to Boro what Boro have done to Northampton or whoever else. You can’t blame him wanting to better himself if we go for players in league 1 and just taking the ‘better himself’ for granted.
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    Djed Spence only Spurs interested ??

    I wish him well. One because why would you hope he fails, he’s only doing what most players have done in the past, all want to be at the biggest club. Who in the right mind would go to forest or stay at Boro if spurs are in for them. Also he does well at spurs Boro could get more cash. It’s...
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    Arsenal say several clubs after Balogun.

    Yeh I was a bit disappointed last season too, but I dare say if he came back he’d know what to expect, probably use to tippy tappy with premier league training. Championship is a bit rougher. Also probably thinks he has a point to prove if he wants to be a regular for Arsenal. Would be happy...
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    Is the Middlesbrough area the hardest place in Britain?

    I’ve said as well, caught while carrying it for whatever reason unless they have genuine proof then there should be a minimum jail sentence for it. Guarantee to stop people carrying it. Even if realistically there’s not enough space in jail for it, I think it would make enough noise to stop then...
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    I know but the only thing with that is when they don’t perform they’re an easy target to moan about because were Signing league 1 players. I do agree with it but we need to be a bit patient with players from league 1 or whatever. On the other hand you look at Balogun coming from a very good...
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    The days of just signing or selling players are gone, that used to happen, if a team sold a player they’d just sell them then try and get a replacement in. Now obviously everything is a lot more technical from the tactics down to transfers. I’m going to say I think teams will have lists of...