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  1. NoloBoro

    William Hague Talking Sense

    Although I disagree with his politics, Hague usually comes across as intelligent and reasoned. Whether you like him or not you can’t deny that he comes across as a ‘grown up’ when compared to the infantile nature of those at the helm currently.
  2. NoloBoro

    Man City charged

    £20000 fine?
  3. NoloBoro


    As long as he’s still with the club. One of our own. UTB!
  4. NoloBoro

    A thread about habits in the smallest room

    If you stand with both hands behind your head and drape it over the side of the bowl you don’t make a mess. Can’t sit down to pee, my weapon drapes into the water and it’s freezing. Anyone else have these issues or just me?
  5. NoloBoro

    No striker on the bench

    Cheery ****** 😂
  6. NoloBoro

    Dan Barlaser

    Very composed, has a real eye for the killer pass. Makes himself plenty of room as soon as he gets the ball. The ball across for Akpom was superb. An exciting addition no doubt.
  7. NoloBoro

    McGree hasn’t just replaced Tav…

    As I said all along, he’s a better player than Tav. He’s an integral part of our team. Such a busy player.
  8. NoloBoro

    George Kay RIP

    Very sad. RIP.
  9. NoloBoro

    Wilder Putting Himself out there again

    You can’t deny, it started out well. Was so promising. It’s no coincidence whatsoever that his demise at our great club started when he was linked with other jobs. All that nonsense about being here for the long term, about how he wanted to build something. He was found out, tactically naive...
  10. NoloBoro

    Free Agents - Isco

    Let’s not be greedy
  11. NoloBoro

    Which club do you hate more than any other?

    Redcar Workies.
  12. NoloBoro

    FMTTM Solidarity thread

    The public sector were protected in the most part because they carry out essential work.
  13. NoloBoro

    Those poor Everton fans

    I think Dyche will do a good job there. He’ll look at the Leeds match as a winnable game, the derby against Liverpool should motivate the players and anything against Arsenal would be a bonus. Overall, I think he’s a good fit. I wouldn’t take any pleasure in them being relegated and I can’t...
  14. NoloBoro

    Tony Pulis

    He did a job here, steadied things. I didn’t enjoy the football or his abrasive manner, I always thought there was no need for the way he responded to people. But, I wish him all the best in retirement
  15. NoloBoro

    Watmore’s message to fans

    Absolutely agree. Really gutted he has gone. He’s been my favourite player since he arrived.
  16. NoloBoro

    Paddy McNair

    Apart from the fact that McNair is not a centre half.
  17. NoloBoro

    Paddy McNair

    ??? Why?? Fry is a considerably better footballer?
  18. NoloBoro

    Will there be any more comings or goings in the next 2 days?

    I wonder whether you’d be allowed a condiment? Mayo possibly?
  19. NoloBoro

    What final position would you take now?

    Second, it’s achievable