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    I can't believe not one of a thousand parents could get this right??????

    Can’t see the point in studying maths to age 18 . i studied it to age 16 and I get by . What difference is another 4 years going to make ?
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    Isaiah Jones

    Big Fan of this young man . Hope the coaches keep him working on his running with the ball and his crossing and we will have an absolute gem on our hands .
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    Yorkshire footballers

    Jonathan Wood(Gate Helmsley) Gary Gillamoor Neil Coxwold Phil StAmpleforth Tommy KaLastingham Jan Arge Langtoft Tony VidMarton Chris FreeStonegrave DoRievaulx Don Gook Leeds Peter DavenPort Mulgrave Curtis ( Burton) Fleming Brad Ford Jones Shay Givendale
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    But the ball went backwards ref!

    Less disallowed goers please , for the sake of the sport !! So Thicker lines on the VAR Please . So that if an Attacker would have appeared to be level to the naked eye of a linesman - a goal would stand . (Say 15cm margin of error . ) And just use the feet of the players as a reference...
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    Duncan Watmore

    “To good to be forgotten Dunc Whatmore - can’t half play To good to be forgotten Was at Mackems - but he got away One in a million gingers Scoring for the Boro Winners “ Amazulu
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    Apathy or Anger

    We probably all feel either or both of these emotions at the moment . But For the good of the club we need to temper both of them as much as we can on match days and encourage the team , as I do think they can get better results than they are currently and put a smile back on our faces .
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    What the Queen said to Boris !

    “Thank you for your service Mr Johnson , I’m dreading Liz Truss taking over , won’t be half as good as you have been !” “Thank you your Majesty , your very kind , but why would you think that ? “ ” Well , you see I have had 14 prime ministers now , and every one has only been half as good as...
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    Power Bill Rises - Effects on small businesses

    Just talking about this with my wife this morning she has worked in the same small deli for over 25 years , she can’t see it surviving for long . the govt need to come up with a package of grant and loans and tax cuts , to ease the crisis , or their will be mass unemploment.
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    So Sad . Hero of my childhood . Proper footballer and true gent. RIP
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    Can we now be realistic

    Who can predict the future , but I personally still have high hopes of making the playoffs .
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    Best non vulgar insult

    Hes just come out of hospital, after his charisma bypass !
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    Best Forss headline of the season competition

    Is their a player called Juan we could sign we could sign who might help us to an 8 - 0 win . “ Five Forss - three to Juan “
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    Best non vulgar insult

    A colleague would whinge about anything and everything I used to call him a Shining Wit !
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    Best non vulgar insult

    Out of your depth on a damp pavement !
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    Surrey v yorks , a glimmer of hope

    Wow , just wow . love it
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    The Most Expensive Over in Test Cricket

    Brainless cricket from England . Just bowl at the stumps v tailenders.
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    Good win for Yorkshire against Durham tonight in T20

    I was lucky enough to be there . Some great hitting from both sides . Crowds seem to be smaller this year , which is a shame . But to be expected given the cost of living I guess. Although T20 season ticket at Yorkshire only £80 for 7 games ( weather permitting) Hopefully both sides can get...
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    Lesser known Motown and Soul tracks

    Marv Johnson - I’ll pick a rose for my Rose . ( Think Wilder would have used him quite a bit this year , if we had not let him go last summer😊)
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    Rob Key - new MD of men's English Cricket

    A Likeable and knowledgeable guy . Wish him every success . It won’t be quick job turning round our fortunes
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    Red Shirts and green shirts ?? - what about us 8%

    Sent it to . Not sure if it’s the best one .