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    Hayden Coulson signs new contract to 2025

    it's my feeling the club have got this one wrong - he can't eve get in the Aberdeen team at the minute because he can't defend
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    Where does he play Says hes a centre midfielder - is he one of those fluffy attacking midfield types with zero defenisve attributes or can he do a role wide? If Akpom is the number 10, i can only assume the club see him as a wide option
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    He's too slow - he moves like an oil tanker I mean, i didn't realize how slow he was until i saw him in the flesh - Carrick likes his double pivot to be reasonably mobile
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    Paddy McNair

    McNair is superior to Fry as a 'footballer' - He's the best footballing centre half at the club If you haven't figured that out by now you don't understand football Fry is still a better centre half and a better defender - Lenihan is also a better defender
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    His problem is he isn't very good technically, hes an athlete for sure, old school ball winner, but looks a bit league 1 with the ball at his feet
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    Is Akpom the biggest turnaround in fan opinions since Zenden?

    Akpom has massively benefitted from that drop off in position- he's far better in the pocket/hole , his attributes lend to the position much better I still think he is a very limited number 9 if you play him as a number 9, fans views were based on him playing that, usually with a tactic of...
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    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    There is only a finite amount of time these pathetic brexiteer morons and their right wing rags like the mail and express will be able to pull out the its covids fault for everything when every other EU country has already recovered economically despite having a much longer and more restrictive...
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    Tesla drivers…

    I could never drive a car with no buttons personally, and nonsense like having to use a touchscreen to open a glovebox is actually quite comical in terms of style over substance - it is so Bauhaus it defies belief It's the same when Hi-Fi manufacturers starting to make HI-Fis with no buttons...
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    Djed Spence return

    Spence has burned down his bridges with Boro - he was hardly consistent , and wasn't good enough to get in the side due to his mentality, especially in the defensive phase - you can't play him in a back 4 end of, which is what Carrick appears to heavily favour and has alluded to his preference...
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    These 200 Migrant Children that have gone missing

    Its just a reflection on the current right wing domination of the country - full of vile and disgusting human beings 5 years ago he would have been speared for saying something like that, it's just par for the course now to obsess over immigrants, it started years ago with fucknut brexiteers...
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    Coulson on BBC tv tonight Darvel v Aberdeen 7.45

    Coulson has no chance of coming back to Boro - he is completely clueless when it comes to defending and he's not good enough to play as an out and out winger The SPL is about his level TBH, or the middle of league 1, and his position, probbaly better off as a wingback rather than a full back...
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    Ben Amos

    i think this is BS
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    Will the ban on the sale of petrol/diesel cars happen in 7 years?

    The same tax they are using on bigger engined cars now will be applied to cars with a higher Kw/H output or cars that does less KM per charge In the same way everybody jumped onto the diesel bandwagon when it was cheap - took 5 minutes for the government to tax it to oblivion As soon as there...
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    Inflation for simpletons

    Inflation since 2010 when the tories took over Goods and services up 66% Wait until the slow puncture of brexit is a full flat tyre is realized
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    Hoppe called up to USA squad

    Akpom was 26 years old and offered nothing - then all of a sudden, play him 10 yards deeper and he's arguably our most valubale and important player And yet some fans on here seem to be writing off a 21 year old with minimal experience in British football He's 21 but in terms of expriencing...
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    It’s surprisingly small

    I was in the louvre abotu 10 years ago and saw it Personally i don't get the hype My favourite art that day was a painting called Pandemonium by John Martin It was a roman emporer or general looking over his empire being burned to ashes - left a strong impression on me But the Mona Lisa -...
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    Hoppe called up to USA squad

    Good luck to the lad He's good enough to play for an internatonal side that matched England in a world cup game He has to have something, so many coaches pick him, might be just a case of waiting for the penny to drop
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    Transporter Bridge

    Brilliant photos! Thanks for sharing
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    M + S in the Boro shutting

    The country needs high street shopping - it really does, it adds a variety to life and it is culturally important - especially so at Christmas time with all the shops showing christmas decorations, it is quintissential english life and needs to be protected Theres a theory Amazon and online...
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    Will the ban on the sale of petrol/diesel cars happen in 7 years?

    Exactly The level of SMUG by EV owners is actually laughable There is a huge cloud of SMUG being generated by EV owners , it's larger than the George Clooney oscars award SMUG cloud that he generated when he and hollywood took personal credit for making the world aware of aids and famine etc