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    Blackburns commentary team!

    They were at it all night. Complete tools.
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    Interesting comment from Maddo - us and them

    Wilder was poisen to our club at the end. His side to side football, with nothing going through the middle was horrific.
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    Zack Steffen

    Super professional from him.
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    Our manager

    I must have watched it about 5 or 6 times now 🤣 I think it's great. I think it's bonkers that that little boy is now our manager. 1995 doesn't even seem that long ago but in a blink of an eye his playing career has been and gone, and now he's in the dugout. As a side note, Andi Peters hasn't...
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    Our manager

    At 13 years old 😁
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    * The Unofficial "Official"-"Remembrance" Norwich v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    Akpom was sensational again. Great subs too. I thought Hoppe did well.
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    Most famous person you've met....

    I was backing packing the east coast of Australia in 2010 and ended up in a little town, pretty far north called Airlie Beach. One evening I wondered into a quiet pub with some lads I'd met whilst travelling and there at the bar was Ricky Hatton. I was stunned. We ended up having a pint with him...
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    Geordie fans

    Unfortunately I can see them winning the League Cup this year, especially given how last nights draw has fallen for them.
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    Chuba Akpom

    His all round game was amazing tonight. Strong as an ox, and the ball stuck to him. Shades of Mark Viduka.
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    Pharrell Willis

    I love the fact Carrick wants to blood the academy into the first team.
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    How was this not a pen

    Definitely a pen, but I thought we were lucky Jones never gave one away in the second half.
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    Caller from Boro on LBC claims asylum seekers get given free cars

    I completely agree with this, and I don't feel it is controversial in the slightest.
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    When will we see a Boro press conference announced?

    I honestly thought it would have been announced as happening Monday to give Carrick the full week with the squad.
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    What's the source please?
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    Why doesnt gibbo talk to the fans

    I would imagine he'll make a statement when the new manager is revealed.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Huddersfield Match-Day Thread *

    Utterly boring. I think there's complete apathy right now and that was evident from the atmosphere around the ground today. The side to side obsession was back, which was peculiar after winning 4-1 midweek. Where was the positive running through the middle? I'm not one to have a pop at...
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    Favourite one season wonder?

    Possibly Marco Branca
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    Nobody will ever convince me the system wasn’t the problem

    The wing back system was like a heavy weight around our necks. Our attacking play was entirely focus on getting the ball out wide early, hence the side to side passing from our midfield 3. Now we've ditched that it allows for the midfield to play a lot more centrally and be a lot more creative...
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    Stadium announcer

    I think he's decent.
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    We are awful

    Fry just pinging it down the right channel and out of touch was infuriating. Also, in my opinion, Matt Crooks needs taking out of the team. He's a shadow of the player he was. It smacks of the Woodgate season where you look at the fixtures and it seems there are just no winnable games.