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    Newys / Nobbys notebook Blackpool

    Relax Nobby.. imitation is the best form of flattery. I for one will always look forward to nobby's notebook. Indeed I've chased you on here when you've been late in publishing it. Everyone knows you're the original, most informative, most influential and biggest NOB in the north east. Next...
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    Mason Greenwood - all charges dropped

    Charges were dropped, meaning it didn't go to court as there was no case to answer. But difficult situation. Greenwood doesn't come across as a likeable fella and we seem to be heading to the situation where someone's life can be totally affected by someone who makes unfounded accusations. I...
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    We live in the country and off grid, no gas - so it's oil heating supplemented by wood burner in lounge. Some good points on here, main thing with a wood burner is not to burn green wood, suppliers can't sell green wood by law. Our stove is modern, 5 yes old, so has secondary burn of gasses...
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    Carricks first window - All positive transfers

    Totally agree with OP. A calm and measured transfer window, giving the right depth and quality to the squad in the right areas. I'm looking forward to seeing them all. I think Ramsey has come in as backup to Chuba. He had a great loan at Norwich before injury. I hope Duncan Whatmore has secured...
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    If I remember correctly, the Brentford fans really rated him...
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    Forss' finishing is at another level. His goal on Saturday wasn't the the result of just shooting to the goal, he had the ball under control, sold a dummy to the centre back and goal keeper then placed the ball into the net. All done in a blink of an eye. I've notice a few of his other goals...
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    Ken Bruce Leaving R2

    This came on immediately after the top 10 chart show and it was always a race to switch the radio off before their opening tune..
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    Ken Bruce Leaving R2

    BBC should have created 2 extra for the oldies like us, and keep the djs we've grown up with. It looks like they own the rights to their shows, Simon Mayo has exactly the same sho on the as he had on radio 2. I hope ken Bruce will be the same. Just need Steve wright on before Simon Mayo and...
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    Nobby's Notebook - Millwall 📖✍️

    Bump for Nobby. He deserves more than 4 replies (mostly his own) for his insight and hard work he puts into his notebook for us.
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    Car insurance

    £136 for my little Audi a2 and 5k miles. Literally grabbed that price yesterday. Renewal from existing insurer was £240.
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    Championship Player of the Month - Chuba Akpom

    Deserved Chuba, deserved.👍
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    Name a place that once you visited exceeded your perception

    Specifically for me Gaul. Watched the world elephant polo championships there, on ground between the fort and cricket ground. Shame the island seems to self distruct every 10 or so years.
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    We still after Barlaser?

    Also will be prolonged haggling over the fee. We'd want him for 10p Rotherham will try to get 1000p. Possibly a last day of the window completion.
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    John Lydon and Pil Eurovision

    Got a lot of respect for John Lyndon. Is there anyway we can help him get selected?
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    Transfer window - where do we need to strengthen?

    Yes. Yellow cards will come into play soon, as they tot up. Howson doesn't collect that many but Hackney does pick them up.
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    SAS Rogue Heroes

    I had the Ben MacIntyre SAS book in my Christmas Stocking and I'm looking forward to reading it.. Also, the last survivor Ben Sadler (I don't think is any relation) lives in a home not too far from me. Apparently he was consulted about the script. But script about entertainment loosely based on...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers Match-Day Thread *

    To make the night worse, Sunderland were up to 4th. Thank heavens Wigan equalised. 🤨
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers Match-Day Thread *

    I hope everyone makes it to Blackburn for kick-off. Drove past the A1 accident the other way and traffic queues looked horrendous.
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    Norwich Fans Unrest

    No way will Wilder get the Norwich job. Boro are trying to implement the Norwich, Brentford operational model. He wants to be a manager, they want a head coach.
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    Who is not feeling it with Michael Carrick?

    Interest reading back this thread. There's egg on the faces of a lot of posters - me included🧐