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    What final position would you take now?

    Sheff Utd look out of sight...... BUT...... I'd take our remaining games over their's any day of the week.
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    Last home game moved for Coronation

    Great news. Can take in both now 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    Levelling up - details announced

    Billingham needs levelling, not levelling up! Just kidding! I was actually going to bring up the same Billingham / Yarm comment. There is no levelling up criteria being applied here to determine where the money goes from what I can see.
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    Britishvolt at Blyth in administration.

    BritishVolt had nothing! Apart from a great sales pitch and a fancy looking PowerPoint presentation. They didn’t have any orders, they didn’t have the backing of a major manufacturer, they blagged it as far as they could. I’m amazed they made it this far.
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    I can't believe not one of a thousand parents could get this right??????

    It’s relatively easy if you just use logic to work through the steps. Then again, I’m an absolute Maths wizard
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    You can already see how carrick wants his side to play.

    I noticed Fry playing it to feet more, with less aimless hoofs upfield. Keep it up
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    Chuba has the best GPG ratio in the league!

    Signed by, then written off and shipped out by Warnock
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    I'm starting to warm towards Steffen

    I hope some of our fans warm enough to him to start getting his name right. He's been excellent after a wobbly start, he really looks top notch.
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    Wigan will bury us!

    I'll give the OP any odds he wants on Wigan beating us on Saturday. Come on sunshine, put your money where your mouth is.
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    Cattermole and Agnew?

    Trusted mainly by Steve Bruce. And sacked just as regularly
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    Cattermole and Agnew?

    If Agnew ever got a job at MFC ever again my season ticket is going back
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    I read that last week and assumed Cattermole had hacked the gazette website
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    Hannes Wolf

    Surname begins with a ‘W’ Looks like a shoe in
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    The Valencia Connection..

    I’m opening a nice bottle of Rioja tonight, this is all quite uncanny
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    Middlesbrough Fireworks Spectacular!

    Cancelled! :rolleyes:
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    O'Neil not under consideration

    I think he was probably under consideration yesterday - then Gibbo read this board.
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    Lies to sell season tickets

    Genuinely think our worst transfer mistake was letting Tav go without an oven-ready replacement… 100% this. I work in Risk Management and us losing Tav was a huge risk hanging over this club for the whole summer. What was our mitigation plan? If it was to wait until it happened and then trawl...
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    Attendance Wednesday ....

    1 less than usual
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    Steffen, Mowatt, Muniz, Giles.

    Mowatt and Steffen no Giles and Muniz yes. At least the OP got it half right