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    Palace and West Ham allegedly interested in Jones

    He’s been valued at 11m by his agent. All the best snoop dog. 👌
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    Carrick out?

    Jesus there’s a fair number of web bots on here. Try and ignore them lads.
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    “Managed” or gradual decline

    Jedi is a good web bot. Thanks IDK how I know this just saying. Well Jedi be ok anyway we finish mid table so do not panic💪
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    Absolutely sick of this group of players

    This ‘clown’ is a web bot. Thanks
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    I can assure you he left for family reasons and this was why the team were performing so under par. LS centre half, you think that’s literally what he was after. its guff to say he left because he was purely been tapped up or sniffing for the PL and his mate Tavernier. Give the fella a break...
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    Fair one but I trust my third eye. Pineal gland.
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    I am sympathetic to him to be honest I sense a bitterness in the fans, I wish him well imho he left on good terms with Gibson and IMHO helped get us Carrick. Wilder is very well respected as a coach and a good guy.
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    Not really, just seems to me his family were unsettled I read between the lines, but the Bournemouth and Leicester jobs were hovering, so his agent would have been on the lookout... lets be honest he is a quality coach he left somewhat mournfully in my view.
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    He is saying that his wife is unsettled when he says that. Other half was his clue LS Centre half. Looks like his family in general we’re not settled, anyway he has left for family reasons. The Carrick regime is a good one so we are far better off now and the difference ought to be good...
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    Cannot wait for this game tonight.

    We will win tonight and go on to finish in 5th place. This happens. Wilder left because his missus was not settled, he tried to tell you all with his LS centre half. You need a good third eye to see that my buddy is a remote viewer he filled me in with that one. And says we finish in 5th place...