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    FMTTM in-jokes

    Walletgate Dennis and Polly the dog
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    1 moved today summed up our new found style

    The move ended with Blackpool getting the ball and immediately conceded a throw in.😀
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    George Kay RIP

    I will applaud on the 69 minute, as my mark of respect for a lifelong Boro fan. RIP George. Deepest sympathy to all his friends and family at this sad time
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    Show of respect @5 minutes tomorrow.

    Even if this can't be arranged I will remember your friends little boy on the fifth minute. Rest Peacefully little angel.
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    Why would she want to go back to him if he is guilty ? Why would he be back with her if he is innocent? I'm confused Should she not be charged with wasting police time and false allegations if she is claiming there was no attack?.
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    The player we missed out on

    Why would giving away his nationality be inappropriate?.
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    FMTTM Solidarity thread

    People should not have to bring work home nor work unpaid hours but the ones i know do so on a regular basis. Solidly behind the strikers. "When 'I' is replaced with 'We' even the illness becomes wellness." MalcolmX Only together can people make a difference.
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    Booing taking the knee

    They don't, nor do they boo players/teams that do. Embarrassing behaviour from our fans.
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    Egg shortage?

    If you are local and can wait until the weekend there is a farmer who sells trays of eggs £3.50 or larger eggs some with double yolks £4.50 a tray, also sacks of potatoes. Sundays at around 1pm in the Myton shops carpark (near the Vets) in Ingleby Barwick he could be there Saturdays too but not...
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    21st minute round of applause at Sunderland on Sunday.

    So sorry for your loss Sammysmiths. RIP Mary-Jo.
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    Hundreds of Jobs in MIddlesbrough

    Won't make up for the 200 job losses announced by Mitsubishi. I'll wager the chemical worker salaries are more than that on offer by Leisure and Retail. I can't see this bringing us out of a Deprived Area Status
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    Paramedic - I’m on strike tomorrow

    Hi Bobbygee hope today went OK. As a fellow health professional now retired i can fully understand the dilemma you and your colleagues were in, a decision not taken lightly and not something i had to consider in my nearly 40yrs working in the NHS. I 100% support you and other workers in your...
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    DCI_Gene_Hunt RIP

    RIP. Condolences to all his family and friends at this very sad time.
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    The most predictable things people say

    It is was it is.
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    Happy new year

    Happy New Year.
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    What did you used to watch when you got home from school?

    Blue Peter Crakerjack Kung Fu Land of the Giants
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    What do we need in January?

    We need a left back and push Giles up , a center mid and get Coburn and Payero back.
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    Today I’m a proud Father of the Bride…

    Have a lovely day. It's days like these that are so special.
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    Did I miss Carrick being announced as new manager ?

    One thing I now know is that no-one on this forum is ITK.:giggle:
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    Communication from the Club

    I received a letter recommending his preferred candidate for a local election, but no, nothing yet regarding his plans for our next management team.