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    Absolutely sick of this group of players

    It's true that some people didn't rate him, imho they were clueless. Our performances since he left certainly suggest he was a hugely important player for us and a lot of people on here and the gazette etc pointed out that it was terrible business. I think people could certainly have made a case...
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    Absolutely sick of this group of players

    It's a real concern, and has been to me for ages. The spine, and having players with leadership and fight is huge in this division. I was amazed when Warnock didn't sign an Ayala type at centre back, then Wilder didn't do it either. We still haven't replaced Ayala's dominance in both boxes and...
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    First thing you do as a new manager...

    This is my worry too. Carrick doesn't know the Champo and needs someone who does. I'm all for Woodgate working with the academy, but influencing Carrick in games? God help us.
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    Kieron Scott

    Interesting, you've made me look at the match reports: Sheffield United 4-1 Boro - Outclassed by a better side on the day Millwall 0-0 Boro - Battling point after 3 away defeats Birmingham 0-2 Boro - Solid performance, back in the top 6 Peterborough 0-4 Boro - Comprehensive away win against a...
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    I am getting a bit forgetful, but I'm pretty sure JW didn't in fact finish the season and Steve Gibson had to reach for the Batphone to ask Neil to come up and save the day?
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    Carricks press conference 3pm

    I don't think Woody has nothing to offer, of course he does. He played at Real Madrid for a reason, and he's a Boro fan. I'd have him working with the academy set up all day long. But we are 4th bottom right now bringing in a manager with no experience who has played all his football at the top...
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    Does anyone else accept we are in a relegation battle?

    Like it or not we are indeed in one at the moment, because we are right down there. I'm excited about Carrick, but definitely concerned about the short term. We need a realistic approach to moving away from the bottom of the table, and playing like Man Utd isn't it. My worry is that playing like...
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    Carricks press conference 3pm

    Because as manager he was undoubtedly taking an average Champo squad into league 1. He tried to implement a style of play that the squad at his disposal was obviously incapable of playing, and then just stuck with it as the team looked increasingly lost and confused. I saw no evidence of him...
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    Carricks press conference 3pm

    Well, having watched that I am excited about Michael Carrick. He is obviously delighted to be here and I thought he spoke very well. It was also great to hear from Kieran Scott. I was really disappointed that it didn't work out with Wilder, but reading between the lines Wilder was the cause of...
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    Woodgate first team coach !!

    Some football fans are knowledgable though. A lot of our fans correctly called that selling our best player on the eve of the season was disastrous business. Apparently this had escaped the club/recruitment team since they had no succession plan in place. I say this not because I want to go over...
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    Woodgate first team coach !!

    That's true, but Spurs were no better than us at the time. If he loved the club he would have stayed imo. Like I said, I would have.
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    Woodgate first team coach !!

    I hope it works out, because I want the club to be successful, but there was zero evidence during Woodgate's reign of him knowing what he was doing as a coach. Bournemouth had a very strong squad for this division, but he achieved nothing with them.
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    Woodgate first team coach !!

    Does he though? Couldn't wait to be off when Spurs came calling despite only having signed a contract 6 months earlier. Properly knackered us at the time, and was a significant contributer to Southgate getting relegated. I wouldn't have done it personally.
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    Carrick announced.

    Woodgate 1st team coach? You couldn't make it up
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    Crooks needs his Op sorting out now!!

    Maybe they are waiting for him to accumulate enough bookings for a ban, then he'll be straight in for the op. A lot of people in the match thread noting his poor performance last night. This lad was great for us last season and is playing through the pain barrier, let's get behind him and hope...
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    Team - 433?

    I was suggesting either Lenihan or Clarke could play as they are equally unimpressive.
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    Team - 433?

    I know what you're saying, but I think this for instance would be a much stronger team: Steffen Diksteel Fry Lenihan/Clarke Bola Howson Hackney Jones Watmore Giles Muniz
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    Team - 433?

    What the hell is that? A new manager can't arrive quickly enough. We've got to stop this slow suicide by 3-5-2 nonsense, we do not have the midfield to play it. Just play 4-2-3-1 for goodness sake and we will stop the rot.
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    What a mistake sacking Wilder.

    Burnley aside, which is unforgiveable since we were flying at the time and he had only been here 5 minutes, we can only speculate about what was promised. No doubt it's true that Wilder 'knew the project', but it will have been sold in terms of us getting up and coming quality players (e.g...
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    What’s going wrong?

    Watch at 1.40 here then: