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    Newcastle Utd open topped bus....

    The Newcastle love in from the media is ridiculous. Turned on talk spot in the car this morning and they were man utd beat forest to get to the final against Newcastle then that was it they were off on a Newcastle discussion until i could stand no more. Absolutely ridiculous how newcastle have...
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    Watmore to Millwall ?

    Absolutely can not stand in his way if he wants to go and get more minutes than we can offer him. One of the very few modern players who has earned every penny he has being paid by us. In fact I think he deserves a free so he can go and negotiate a bumper contract.
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    Isnt he a decent midfielder, woeful at the back. Didnt Arsenal play Petit at the back against us once and he was shoite as well.
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    Brighton v Liverpool itv now

    hes no Chubbaaa
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    Surprised Mcgree hasnt being mentioned more. Given his role is to get on the front foot and make things happen, try the unexpected etc he was absolutely brilliant. Yes all of the things he does doesnt come off but he found pockets of space all over yesterday, must be an absolute nightmare...
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    Cameron Archer

    we tried for him permanently and had to settle for a loan I heard
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    Ross Stewart

    shame for him, shame that he wont play some of our rivals for a play-off spot
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    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    I hear DAZN Ca 07 has a great picture.
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    Football League Cup SF [1st Leg] Forest v United

    Its that slow, slow, fast style, Man City Liverpool etc all do it. When we have a little more quality and speed it will be outstanding. I think MC knows his stuff ya know. 😉
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    Joe Geldhardt

    I think we will get a cf. You only have to look at how Ross Stewart led the line for Sunderland to see how much we would improve. I love Crooksy but he is not the man to do it and clearly MC doesnt think the other are up to it.
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    Football League Cup SF [1st Leg] Forest v United

    Interesting to see UTD really slow playing at the back, noticed we were doing it on Sunday, defenders and keeper just stopping the ball and waiting for the opposition player to come to them. Carrick is obviously building the blueprint. Will be happy when he finds the pace in the wide areas...
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    The penny has dropped hasnt it.
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    Joe Geldhardt

    We need a cf surely we cant go on playing crooks there if we have any ambition of challenging to get out of this division
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    Sorba Thomas to Blackburn?

    Hudders fans not exactly up in arms about him going speaks volumes. He has probably been offered around and I dare say we have passed. Take the attitude of Rotherham fans over Barlaser where their fans are pretty gutted although accepting they are a club whos best players will be picked off.
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    Appeal unsuccessful

    We still talking about this. Fry was naive, needs a bit of that c you next tuesday gene to reach the next level for me.
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    Please Southampton

    that is all
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    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    if we had 7 mill to try and get the Preston lad then we should be testing these for Stewart. Class above
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    Man City vs Tottenham

    Was thinking the same absolutely shocking. I wont buy any products or services that appear on them 👍