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    Britt Assombalonga

    Keeping him and selling Bamford was a catastrophic error
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    Places to eat in Amsterdam-cafe

    That's Eetcafe Bleedin autocorrect
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    Places to eat in Amsterdam-cafe

    Black & Blue, Leliegracht 46 Decade t'Pakhuis, Voetboogstraat 12
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    This referee has a few ideas- any comments?

    A player should have 3 seconds to retreat 10metres from the ball once the ref has blown for a free kick. The attacking player can then choose to strike the ball at them and if it hits them and they are within 10 metres then automatic yellow or the attacking team can choose where to take a free...
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    Are we trying crooks out to check our striking target type

    I think Carrick was seeing if Crooks could save him from spending money in January. I don't think Carrick sees him in our midfield so is looking for options for him. I don't think he let himself down but would need to improve for us to maintain a promotion push
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    Apparently Simms is being recalled

    Everton getting linked with Gyorkes seemed strange to me whilst they had Simms out on loan
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    Officially in the play off positions to end 2022!

    The Luton and Millwall games in hand is against each other so our 'actual' position is 7th. Look at the League again in 6 games time. If we are still within 3 points of a play-off place get excited.
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    Jones getting pelters on the radio after the game

    He doesn't look fully fit
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    We need an exceptional January transfer window

    I think Mowatt will want out so that could be an opportunity to look at strengthening midfield. Possibly Muniz might go the same way. I think the key going forward is ensuring we keep this squad of players fit. I would only replace a player who goes out. If there is an urge to strengthen then...
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    FFS Crooks

    Sometimes they manage hernias with physio and certain exersizes to delay or even eliminate operations. Could be they are doing that until the break we have now. Personally I would have operated straight away regardless of the break coming up. Just use the break for rehabilitation
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    Play offs a real possibility

    If we continue to average 2 points per game (as under MC) we will end up with 77 points. That may just get us in the Playoffs Will take some doing to maintain that level of form. 4 points off playoffs seems doable with 25 games left but there are also 8 teams between us and a spot who all have...
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    Chelsea under potter

    Quality Manager with an difficult squad. Some big names who are not as good as their reputation. Needs time. A precious commodity at that level.
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    Michael Carrick

    I am intrigued as to what further changes he will make to his coaching set up, assuming the statements when he was revealed that there would be future developments. Meeulensteen (sp.?) after the WC maybe ? I am also curious as to whether he will try to bring people in during January or will...
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    Covid booster, 4th jab, yes or no?

    I got my first 3 jabs outside of the UK Will they give me the 4th in UK if they have no records of the other 3 other than my certificates ??
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    That bit of Chuba skill on the touch line…

    That's not just skillful it is incredibly confident. Even if Jones doesnt get the ball Chuba gets it anyway !! Left 3 players for dead
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    FFS Crooks

    Has he had an operation or is he going to have it now ??
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    Wilders Agent

    I think CW gets a bad press over Chuba. Although he wasn't included in all pre-season it was so he could find a club. Didn't materialise and we dont get the strikers we want so CW has him training with first team is impressed and starts playing him. He got injured playing under CW. He might...
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    Goetze is back for Germany

    Finally dropped Timo Werner. Wish we had done the same with our version ... Sterling
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    Play offs still on?

    Norwich game is a hug test of where we are at. Win there and anything is possible. Get beat and it shows we got excited about results against poor teams.
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    The demise of Dijksteel & Bola

    Dijksteel is a good player who needs to be properly coached. His position is right back and should play there if we play a flat 4 imo. Bola would allow Giles to play further forward. Cannot complain about results at the moment but I hope they are both encouraged to stay and fight for their...