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    Vehicle Recovery Services - Price War?

    I am paying £80 + to the AA for less service than that! Time to change
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    Chuba Akpom…

    does that not negate the purpose of coaches and managers?
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    Chuba Akpom…

    yes we are seeing something special here
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    A game we should win, which makes me strangley nervous
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    I think I read somewhere that he trained with the players beforfe signing to test his fitness
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    What final position would you take now?

    if the teams below us win their games in hand we are out of the top 6 so I would settle on 6th now
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    Will there be any more comings or goings in the next 2 days?

    Still if you look back at his earlier assists when on form he is a great asset. I am sure he will come good again
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    Now official - he’s signed

    I jkusat asked exactly that on another thread. Howson's pass through for our second yesterday was sublime so would be cruel to replace him
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    Boro now have the confidence to pass the ball forward

    Soem of those passes are wonderful but very like Howson's sublime pass through for our second yesterday which brings up the question does Barlasewr replace Howson? I thoiught Howson was poor vs Sunderland but yesterday he was superb. We all know he cant go on forever with his age but it woul dbe...
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    McGree and Akpom

    yeh agreed, first half especially Akpom was running the game!
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    Barlaser Deal Agreed!

    has he actually signed? Mixed signals
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    Edinburgh makes vegan menu mandatory

    Its just schools and hospitals isnt it? Not the whole of Edinburgh I doubt. Still quite restrictive
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    Last Season/This Season

    I was hoping to see the graph updated - looks good
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    Has Isaiah reached his ceiling?

    I was hoping he would come on topday actually, felt like we needed him first half out wide as Forss was not looking comforetable there but then he only goes and scores so what do I know
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    Paddy McNair

    he had a good game,. compliments Fry who is the better defender but cannot pass
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    Why no calls on bbc tees

    people don't phone in when we win
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    What should we do with the NHS?

    No no no no. Treatment should depend solely on need. That is the whole basis of the NHS and don't fall into the trap of thinking nothing can be done about the NHS when it is 12 years of conservative government that has caused the issues. It can be reversed.
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    Today wasn’t our fight

    we were maybe guilty of trying to play too much like them, passing out from thje back rarely worked today
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    Mass exodus on 80 mins?

    yeh I was not in m y normal seat and was near an exit, all game people coming and going. I waited till the end to avoid the rush
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    Today wasn’t our fight