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    Paddy McNair

    Anyone think he could have made more effort to stop their player getting the cross over when they hit the bar?
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    Which club do you feel totally indifferent about?

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    Why wasn’t Watmore offered a new contract

    But Millwall bought him. They are as close to promotion as we are.
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    Britt Assombalonga

    My wheelie bin scored 9 and he used to double up as a set of cricket stumps in the summer. He moved up and down the drive when required. Britt couldn't manage that.
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    Britt Assombalonga

    Tony McAndrew got a hatrick once
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    Britt Assombalonga

    He was garbage. Couldn't be arsed to tun, couldn't hit a barn door and thought it was funny to miss. We played with 9 players because of that other spud Watford later took a chance on.
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    At the final whistle on Saturday

    A lot left but never 75pc..i commented to my mate on 78 mins when people were leaving, that there was still about 17 minutes left. My Dad used to tell me it was because people were rushing off for a bus. Not the case now. No buses.
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    Championship: Boro Average Home[4th] - Away[8th] - Overall[4th] - Attendances 22/23

    If your figures are correct, it's highly unlikely we will catch Norwich.
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    Government threaten to intervene with Boro council

    It is odd that we knock down a building to open it up then fill it all again with shipping containers
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    Britt Assombalonga

    Birmingham normally take our players when they are past their best, although, we obviously took him when he was past his best or could be arsed.
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    HS2 probably not going to run into central London

    That piece was so long, we are now the 7th richest.
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    Rod Stewart ringing sky today

    All very well but he helped vote this lot in and does he realise, when he gets his private work, he's being seen by a Dr that is sitting around waiting for him instead of seeing 10 others in the NHS hospital.
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    Howson, time to move on?

    No, he tackled constantly. Same Mustoe, Hamilton, Souness, Armstrong
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    Howson, time to move on?

    His job is central midfielder and therefore his job is about assists and goals, tackling and interceptions. Clayton was given that excuse for 200 games.
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    Should we appeal the red card?

    Should send the keeper off for not helping at all
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    We didnt turn up. Like at Burnley

    Another game with a half passionate crowd where we just rolled over after the penalty. Take off your big man who can hold it up, offer something on corners both ends, Fanny around at the back with no change in game pattern. Needed players to run at them but sat on bench til 80 odd minutes or...
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    One of those games…

    It was a penalty
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    One of those games…

    Yep, he's not even not
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    That was outside the box

    It's a penalty. What is Fry doing with his arms? Stewart waits till he gets in the box and throws himself down but Fry still has his arms over him. Keep saying Naive but the guy's about 26
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    Boro fans in the Sunderland end

    How can there be a corner when all Boro fans are in a remote top tier?