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    Stadium Announcer - Top Tips

    He also said next home game is against Cardiff…
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    He was terrific, didn’t realise how big he looks but also incredibly mobile.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    Fancy us to turn them over, went to the away game and they had Madine and nothing else- Fry will have him in his pocket today, fancy 3-0.
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    100% is. There isn't any evidence that he did it otherwise he'd be going to trial.
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    Innocent of all charges, all been dropped. Absolutely horrendous that people can be dragged into the spotlight without any evidence. Should be blanket reporting ban until guilty.
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    Watmore’s message to fans

    Sad to see him go. A player who gave absolutely everything no matter what and gave some amazing memories.
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    ITV EFL Highlights

    Loved the coverage. It’s clear the Sunderland game was a blip, teams will hate playing us - it could’ve been 4 or 5 and it wouldn’t have flattered us. End of feb we could be 9 behind sheff United and they’ll be under pressure.
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    Zahawi sacked

    Should now be prosecuted for misconduct in a public office= prison. The fact he can remain as an MP absolutely stinks.
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    Happy Valley final series

    Filmed at my school.
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    Finished as well as Zahawi.
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    Hayes on Frozen Pitches

    Totally an utterly agree here. I played at a relatively decent standard on a Saturday and I'd bet a good number of semi-pro mens teams would absolutely stuff any professional womens team. We are creating a society where people are far too easily offended and therefore we are reluctant to...
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    Don’t forget there’s not enough money to pay nurses, doctors, teachers, rail works etc - it’s because people like him a hiding it away illegally.
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    Should be locked up. Corrupt, tax evasion, any normal citizen would be in prison. Add to the list of utter scum running our country. Benefit fraud of a few hundred quid = prison, tax evasion of £3.7million give us a ring and we’ll sort a secret settlement out.
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    Mendy not guilty Wonder whether CPS will ask for retrial or whether he can go back to playing football.
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    More Tory corruption.

    Remember this when they tell you there’s not enough money to give nurses and the rest a pay rise. Not even trying to hide it in, apart from the usual denials. Should be out of government for a generation if not forever at the next election. The most corrupt government we’ve ever had...
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    Time up for Lampard?

    100% definite. A complete fraud of a manager who only did anything cheating at Derby with the prem loans.
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    Typical allocation is around 3000.
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    There should be a minimum of 10% of the gate, the additional policing needed isn't an excuse to stop fans attending the game. As amazing as the Blackburn game was the other night, Lancashire police were an absolute disgrace, shutting the pubs around the ground due to 'trouble potentially...
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    2 points off the play-offs.

    I’m there on Thursday, can’t wait!
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    Ryan Giles.....

    He is class, Downing however has to be up there.