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    January transfer window

    Chuba plays number 10, Ramsey is injured. Only got Crooks (who's a natural CM) and Archer number 9, one game has shown Archer is way better in that role than Crooks and Muniz doesn't fit the system at all. If Archer gets injured we're short imo
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    January transfer window

    Am I the only one slightly confused with the hype around the window? With Hoppe and Dunc gone surely we're short upfront, if Archer gets injured we're stuck with Crooks upfront (Who I'm still not sure is fit with his hernia?) Muniz clearly doesn't fit into the team and Ramsey was brought in...
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    League cup so unfair.

    I agree but could be worse... Look at Coppa Italia, the top 8 Serie A teams don't join until the round of 16 meaning there's almost no winners outside the top 8.
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    Sellout Boxing Day Crowd

    Only 15 tickets left! Should be a cracking game, hopefully a good atmoshpere aswell.
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    Canada 1 Morocco 1, Croatia 1 Belgium 4

    Ah yes, thank you, how could I forget 😍
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    Canada 1 Morocco 1, Croatia 1 Belgium 4

    Belgium - De Laet, De Sart, Haroun… can’t think of the other tho
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    Geordie fans

    They are playing well but I'd say they're massively overachieving with the squad they've got, they're still a long way off a top 4 team and will need much more squad depth to sustain this run imo
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    Billal Brahimi

    Looks like he went to Reims, then Angers before the big money move to Nice so think we missed out sadly
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    Billal Brahimi

    Anyone remember him? I remember watching him play for us in the cup cos of his hair... I know he didn't fit into our system and wanted to go back to France but feel we lost a decent player. Eventually moved onto Nice for 7 mil and scored last night against Koln in the Conference League to...
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    The Car (New Arctic Monkeys Album)

    Yeah I enjoyed mirrorball most, but also like body paint. Not a big fan of I ain't quite where I think I am but it might grow on me. Only listened to the rest once through but liking scupltures and hello you
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    Why excited by Carrick and not Cattermole?

    One of the main reasons for me are the connections he will have. Clearly we need a squad overhaul and Carrick will have connections at Man U, West Ham and Spurs, and is a more attractive name to attract players in January, compared to Cattermole
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    "Biggest clubs" by area

    Did a boro fan create this 😂
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    Boro team tomorrow vs Blackburn

    I'd love to see a 4-2-3-1 to give Giles and Jones more attacking freedom, EDIT : Didn't realise this was the leaked team, I struggle to see where the goals will come from but hopefully it makes a difference
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    Who should we have never sold?

    Stuani - Unreal stats in La Liga and La Liga 2, surely would have fixed our problems if played striker
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    Hannes Wolf

    New update ffs: Hannes Wolf (born 15 April 1981) is a German football manager who last was the caretaker of Bayer Leverkusen. Currently in talks with Middlesbrough with the aim of relegating them to league one due to the **** poor squad at his disposal
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    Michael carrick into 6/1 second fav

    Carrick's now 2/1, think I'd prefer him over Rob Edwards tbf
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    Team for tonight...

    I'd like to see a 4-2-3-1: Roberts Dijksteel, McNair, Fry, Bola Howson Hackney Watmore Crooks Giles Muniz
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    Red n White Shorts: Boro 2 Brum 0. 2014 [V-1.00]

    That set piece was class, can't remember the last time I've seen us try one like it. Most we saw with Wilder was a conga on corner kicks...
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    Attendance Tonight

    Just had a look on the club website and it looks like its nearly a sell-out tonight. Great for Monday night and sky coverage. Hopefully we can get behind the lads, I do fear if we go 1 down it will quickly become toxic though.
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    Ryan Shotton

    Yeah definitely, I met him with his family whilst working at Teesside Park (y)