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    Blackpool fan's Vlog

    Exactly how I saw the game they were much more of a threat than Millwall and had better chances to score than Watford. I hope they stay up.
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    How good are we

    Some kudos to the chairman and senior management team. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the appointment of Michael Carrick at the time but I think like many have had our expectations massively surpassed so far. Going to the match is something I actually look forward to now and long periods...
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    Todays ref…

    Totally inconsistent decisions re fouls and bookings.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    Fantastic work ethic by the whole team today, it really is a pleasure to watch the team play at the moment.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    Russian roulette with this referee.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackpool Match-Day Thread *

    Not hugely impressive by the referee.
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    That’s awful hopefully you were given strategies before you started to deal with that risk before you started. Hopefully your okay now? I was given a plan to execute if things got bad during a session but I was obviously lucky and never needed them. The mind is a really complicated and...
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    I suffered for about 20 years with what I would consider non traditional PTSD. Someone suggested about 6 years ago when I had a breakdown that I try EMDR I looked into it sounded ridiculous and went for what I considered were more traditional therapies basically counselling. Three years ago I...
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    Emily Atack - Asking For It (BBC)

    I think the internet has had a massive effect on how people behave. Porn has helped create a dehumanising effect on how people behave towards others. Young people’s perceptions of sex and relationships can be really badly skewed by what they see on line. I am told that some people watch porn...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    It’s time for us to end their run against us, they have some very good players but they aren’t a very good side at this level.
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    Jones still not good enough then….?

    We lose one game in a competitive derby fixture and we need wholesale changes. I think from what I have seen Michael Carrick knows more about football and man management than most posters on here. I am happy to trust his judgment re team selection.
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    Mogga interview on bbc tees

    Mowbray is in a difficult position when he plays us. He lives here, he and I presume his family and friends support Boro not Sunderland. Re the Blackburn game he had to protect his own player, who was also was young and inexperienced at Championship level. Today he said when interviewed that...
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    Mogga interview on bbc tees

    Some Americans might describe your post as that of a Monday morning quarterback.
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    No fans of course it’s a pen

    The reality is if the Arm contact was going on yards before the box. If there is no foul in the box you can’t give a penalty. If Fry’s leg doesn’t tangle with his on the line it’s no penalty. Having said that the ref doesn’t have the benefit of VAR. Everyone including officials and players...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    People are understandably frustrated by the result, (we were poor and got what we deserved) but no doubt tomorrow they will calm down by tomorrow. Some of the texts being read out on Radio Tees are just stupid.
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    At what point will people say ‘enough is enough’ …

    James Cleverly on Sky News apparently knows nothing about anything except that the Nadhim Zahawi came to the UK in fear of his life and couldn’t speak English. It was embarrassing, these charlatans need chasing.
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    Barlaser signs?

    I doubt a lot of clubs would do business with them in the future if they did that. It may be precluded anyway under the terms of the original transfer. They would be best asking the mags to reduce their entitlement under the original deal.
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    What is the most annoying sound in the world?

    “My tax errors were careless, not deliberate.”
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    GP’s in Scotland C4 news report

    Just watched an excellent feature on C4 news about what it’s like to work in a surgery. Three Doctors on the show have quit through illness. This is Scotland not England and I am not trying to make a political point but people who get frustrated and then abusive to staff in surgeries should...
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    Humbling defeat

    Exactly right. It’s was a game of football and we lost to the better team, but things can change very quickly for players, teams and managers. Brighton have a good team at the moment but their fortunes could change very quickly. We shouldn’t be disheartened, hopefully it will be used as a...